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  2. Special-purpose local-option sales tax - Wikipedia

    A special-purpose local-option sales tax ( SPLOST) is a financing method for funding capital outlay projects in the U.S. state of Georgia. It is an optional 1% sales tax levied by any county for the purpose of funding the building of parks, schools, roads, and other public facilities. [1] The revenue generated cannot be used towards operating ...

  3. Sales taxes in the United States - Wikipedia

    Currently, the majority of Utah's aggregate sales taxes are in the range of 6.1 – 8.35%. Utah has a 16.350% sales tax on rental cars in Salt Lake City. [192] The sales tax on food and food ingredients is 3.0% statewide. This includes the state rate of 1.75%, local option rate of 1.0% and county option rate of 0.25%.

  4. Sales tax - Wikipedia

    A sales tax is a tax paid to a governing body for the sales of certain goods and services. Usually laws allow the seller to collect funds for the tax from the consumer at the point of purchase. When a tax on goods or services is paid to a governing body directly by a consumer, it is usually called a use tax. Often laws provide for the exemption ...

  5. Georgia lawmakers vowed to restrain tax breaks. But the ... - AOL

    A 2022 review of the sales tax exemption by the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government projects the state will forgo $307 million more from 2024 through 2030 than it will ...

  6. Why did Georgia’s tax revenues spiral downward again? Gov ...

    Individual income taxes fell in April by 8% compared to the same month a year ago, as tax refunds increased by 31.4% while payments were down 11.5%. Net sales tax receipts also declined by 3%.

  7. Taxation in Georgia (country) - Wikipedia

    There are 6 flat tax rates in Georgia - Corporate Profit Tax, Value Added Tax, Excise Tax, Personal Income Tax, Import Tax and Property Tax. [1] Personal Income tax in Georgia are collected at a flat rate of 20% on local-source income. Foreign-source personal income is tax-exempt. [2]

  8. Georgia (U.S. state) - Wikipedia

    This ranks Georgia 25th among the states for total state and local tax burden. The state sales tax in Georgia is 4% with additional percentages added through local options (e.g. special-purpose local-option sales tax or SPLOST), but there is no sales tax on prescription drugs, certain medical devices, or food items for home consumption.

  9. Local option sales tax - Wikipedia

    A local option sales tax is often used as a means of raising funds for specific local or area projects, such as improving area streets and roads, or refurbishing a community's downtown area. LOSTs are always appended onto a state's base sales tax rate, most commonly at a rate of 1%. For example, in Iowa, the base sales tax rate is 6% statewide ...

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    related to: sales and use tax georgia