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  2. Provinces of Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia

    After the unification of Saudi Arabia, the kingdom was divided into seven provinces: the ' Asir Province, Al Hasa' Province, the Hejaz Province, the Najd Province, the Rub' al-Khali Province and the Shammar Province. [1]

  3. Subdivisions of Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia

    The Subdivisions of Saudi Arabia, officially the Organization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as provided by the Regions' System, issued on 27 Sha'baan 1412 AH ( civil calendar: 28 February 1992) by Royal Order A/92, amended by Royal Order No. A/21 on 30 Rabi' al-Awal 1414 AH, divided the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into 13 emirates (provinces ...

  4. Mecca - Wikipedia

    Mecca (/ ˈ m ɛ k ə /; officially Makkah al-Mukarramah, commonly shortened to Makkah) is the capital of Mecca Province in the Hejaz region of western Saudi Arabia and the holiest city according to Islam. It is 70 km (43 mi) inland from Jeddah on the Red Sea, in a narrow valley 277 m (909 ft) above sea level. Its last recorded population was ...

  5. List of cities and towns in Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia

    Largest city of Al Jowf Province Rabigh: 72,928 (2022) Rafha: 63,929 (2022) Northern Border Province Ar Rass: 107,902 (2022) Ras Tanura: 57,030 (2022) Eastern Province Rumah: Raghbah: Ranyah: 28,681 (2022) Riyadh: 7,000,100 (2022) Capital and largest city Riyadh Al-Khabra: 25,588 (2022) Historical city best known for trading and goods exchange ...

  6. List of governorates of Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia

    e. The Governorates of Saudi Arabia, officially the Governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ( Arabic: محافظات المملكة العربية السعودية) are the 136 governorates (second-level administrative division) that form the 13 emirates of Saudi Arabia. The governorates are classified into three categories according to ...

  7. Yanbu - Wikipedia

    Postal Code. (5 digits) Area code. +966-14. Yanbu ( Arabic: ينبع, romanized : Yanbu', lit. 'Spring'), also known simply as Yambu or Yenbo, is a city in the Al Madinah Province of western Saudi Arabia. It is approximately 300 kilometers northwest of Jeddah (at 24°05′N 38°00′E ). The population is 331,916 (2022 census).

  8. Category:Provinces of Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia

    Medina Province (Saudi Arabia)‎ (4 C, 7 P) N. Najran Province‎ (3 C, 6 P) Northern Borders Province‎ (3 C, 3 P) P. Provincial capitals of Saudi Arabia‎ (13 P) R.

  9. Mecca Province - Wikipedia

    The Mecca Province ( Arabic: مِنْطَقَة مَكَّة, romanized : Minṭaqat Makka, [a] Arabic pronunciation: [ˈmin.tˤa.qat ˈmak.ka] ), officially Makkah Province, [2] is one of the 13 provinces of Saudi Arabia. It is the third-largest province by area at 153,128 km 2 (59,123 sq mi) and the most populous with a population of ...