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  2. Photovoltaic power station - Wikipedia

    The performance of a solar park depends on the climatic conditions, the equipment used and the system configuration. The primary energy input is the global light irradiance in the plane of the solar arrays, and this in turn is a combination of the direct and the diffuse radiation.

  3. Annuity - Wikipedia

    An annuity is a series of payments made at equal intervals. Examples of annuities are regular deposits to a savings account, monthly home mortgage payments, monthly insurance payments and pension payments.

  4. Mortgage industry of the United States - Wikipedia

    The earlier savings and loan crisis of the 1980s and 1990s and the national mortgage crisis of the 1930s also arose primarily from unsound mortgage lending. The mortgage crisis has led to a rise in foreclosures, leading to the 2010 United States foreclosure crisis .

  5. Tax amortization benefit - Wikipedia

    The present value of these savings is to be estimated and included as a part of the fair market value when valuing an intangible asset. Circularity of the tax amortization benefit. The present value of the future tax savings is a mathematical function of the fair market value.

  6. Variable universal life insurance - Wikipedia

    Variable universal life insurance (often shortened to VUL) is a type of life insurance that builds a cash value. In a VUL, the cash value can be invested in a wide variety of separate accounts, similar to mutual funds, and the choice of which of the available separate accounts to use is entirely up to the contract owner.

  7. Reflective surfaces (climate engineering) - Wikipedia

    Roof Savings Calculator. The Roof Savings Calculator (RSC) is a tool developed by the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory which estimates cooling and heating savings for low-slope roof applications with white and black surfaces.

  8. Term life insurance - Wikipedia

    Term life insurance or term assurance is life insurance that provides coverage at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time, the relevant term. After that period expires, coverage at the previous rate of premiums is no longer guaranteed and the client must either forgo coverage or potentially obtain further coverage with different payments or conditions.

  9. Mortgage-backed security - Wikipedia

    A mortgage-backed security (MBS) is a type of asset-backed security (an 'instrument') which is secured by a mortgage or collection of mortgages. The mortgages are aggregated and sold to a group of individuals (a government agency or investment bank) that securitizes, or packages, the loans together into a security that investors can buy.