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  2. Credit card fraud - Wikipedia

    Credit card fraud is an inclusive term for fraud committed using a payment card, such as a credit card or debit card. The purpose may be to obtain goods or services or to make payment to another account, which is controlled by a criminal.

  3. Attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential ...

    At the first public hearing on June 9, 2022, the committee said that Trump had engaged in a seven-part conspiracy to overturn a free and fair democratic election, and they discussed it in the hearings that followed. According to Bennie Thompson, chair of the committee: “Jan. 6 was the culmination of an attempted coup, a brazen attempt, as one ...

  4. John Stossel - Wikipedia

    John Frank Stossel (born March 6, 1947) is an American libertarian television presenter, author, consumer journalist, and pundit. He is known for his career as a host on ABC News, Fox Business Network, and Reason TV.

  5. List of Garfield and Friends episodes - Wikipedia

    Jon buys a health food meal from an infomercial after going on a diet, only to discover that it is a scam. Garfield tries to get back at the advertiser. 79b: 6b " The Wolf Who Cried Boy " October 3, 1992 () 506b: Due to a wolf lurking around the farm, Orson informs everyone of a bell system to alert others of wolf sightings.

  6. Traffic enforcement camera - Wikipedia

    A traffic enforcement camera (also red light camera, speed camera, road safety camera, road rule camera, photo radar, photo enforcement, Gatso, safety camera, bus lane camera, flash for cash, Safe-T-Cam, No contact apprehension camera depending on use) is a camera which may be mounted beside or over a road or installed in an enforcement vehicle to detect motoring offenses, including speeding ...

  7. COVID-19 misinformation - Wikipedia

    An alert by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the possible threat of far-right extremists intentionally spreading COVID-19 mentioned blame being assigned to Jews and Jewish leaders for causing the pandemic and several statewide shutdowns. In Germany. Flyers have been found on German tram cars, falsely blaming Jews for the pandemic.

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