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  2. Shindō (manga) - Wikipediaō_(manga)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Shindō ( Japanese: 神童, "Prodigy") is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Akira Sasō. The story depicts a 13-year-old piano child prodigy, Uta Naruse, who helps 19-year-old Wao Kikuna, enter a conservatory to study the piano. Contents 1 Media 2 Reception 3 References 4 External links Media [ edit]

  3. Metamorphosis (manga) - Wikipedia

    Metamorphosis (manga) Metamorphosis (変身, Henshin), originally subtitled Emergence, is a hentai manga written by American-Japanese mangaka Shindo L. Published between 2013 and 2016, it gained a following online for its grim and depressing storyline, becoming an Internet meme . Contents 1 Plot 2 Publication 3 Reception 4 Analysis 5 Publications

  4. Code - Wikipedia

    In information theory and computer science, a code is usually considered as an algorithm that uniquely represents symbols from some source alphabet, by encoded strings, which may be in some other target alphabet. An extension of the code for representing sequences of symbols over the source alphabet is obtained by concatenating the encoded strings.

  5. Kei Shindō - Wikipediaō

    Kei Shindō (真堂 圭, Shindō Kei, born September 10 [1]) is a Japanese voice actress. [2] [3] Her major roles include Kyoka Jiro in My Hero Academia, Gentoku in Ikki Tousen, Kuro Kagami in Kodomo no Jikan, Madoka Amano in Metal Fight Beyblade, and Naomasa in Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere.

  6. Clown - Wikipedia

    The character clown makeup is a comic slant on the standard human face. Their makeup starts with a flesh tone base and may make use of anything from glasses, mustaches and beards to freckles, warts, big ears or strange haircuts. The most prevalent character clown in the American circus is the hobo, tramp or bum clown.

  7. Obelisk - Wikipedia

    The Ancient Romans populated their city with 8 large and 42 small Egyptian obelisks. More have been re-erected elsewhere, and the best-known examples outside Rome are the pair of 21-metre (69 ft) 187-metric-ton (206-short-ton) Cleopatra's Needles in London, England (21 metres or 69 feet), and New York City, USA (21 metres or 70 feet), and the 23-metre (75 ft) over-250-metric-ton (280-short-ton ...

  8. Arenavirus - Wikipedia

    An arenavirus is a bisegmented ambisense RNA virus that is a member of the family Arenaviridae. [1] These viruses infect rodents and occasionally humans. A class of novel, highly divergent arenaviruses, properly known as reptarenaviruses, have also been discovered which infect snakes to produce inclusion body disease.