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  2. List of Psycho-Pass characters - Wikipedia

    Atsushi Shindo. Atsushi Shindo was the father of Arata Shindo. He joined Bifrost as an Inspector to save Arata from Sibyl System, after discovering he was criminally asymptomatic. He also killed Kei's brother Akira Ignatov and committed suicide. He is voiced by Takayuki Sugo in Japanese. Reception

  3. Donn F. Draeger - Wikipedia

    Biography Early life. Donald Frederick "Donn" Draeger was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on April 15, 1922. His parents were Frank and Irma (Poetsch) Draeger. In 1940, at age 17, he was living in Milwaukee with his father, his stepmother Dora, two half-brothers, and his father's stepfather and mother.

  4. Ugetsu - Wikipedia

    On 8 November 2005, the film became available for the first time on Region 1 DVD when the Criterion Collection released a two-disc edition of the film, which includes numerous special features such as a 150-minute documentary on Mizoguchi, Kenji Mizoguchi: The Life of a Film Director, directed by Kaneto Shindo.

  5. Battle of Okinawa (film) - Wikipedia

    Battle of Okinawa (激動の昭和史 沖縄決戦, Gekidō no Shōwashi: Okinawa Kessen) is a 1971 Japanese war film directed by Kihachi Okamoto from a screenplay by Kaneto Shindo with effects by Teruyoshi Nakano.

  6. Hironori Ōtsuka - WikipediaŌtsuka

    Hironori Ōtsuka (大塚 博紀, Ōtsuka Hironori, June 1, 1892 – January 29, 1982) was a Japanese master of karate who created the Wadō-ryū style of karate. He was the first Grand Master of Wadō-ryū karate, and received high awards within Japan for his contributions to karate.

  7. Jiro Horikoshi - Wikipedia

    Early life. Jiro Horikoshi was born near the city of Fujioka, Gunma Prefecture, Japan, in 1903.Horikoshi graduated from the newly established Aviation Laboratory (Kōkū Kenkyūjo) within the Engineering Department of the University of Tokyo, and started his career in Mitsubishi Internal Combustion Engine Company Limited, which later became Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Nagoya Aircraft ...

  8. Luchasaurus - Wikipedia

    Personal life. Before beginning studies at California State University, Northridge, Matelson had been entirely homeschooled.He earned two history degrees at CSUN—a B.A. in 2008 and a M.A. in 2010, with his master's concentration and thesis in medieval literature.

  9. Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster - Wikipedia,_the_Three-Headed...

    Shindo protects her in time and Malmess falls to his death. The monsters overwhelm Ghidorah and force it to flee into outer space. Prior to departing for home, Princess Salno reveals to Shindo that she doesn't recall her recent memories as the Prophetess but remembers the three events when Shindo saved her and thanks him and Naoko for their help.