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  2. Sign function - Wikipedia

    In mathematics, the sign function or signum function (from signum, Latin for "sign") is an odd mathematical function that extracts the sign of a real number. In mathematical expressions the sign function is often represented as sgn. To avoid confusion with the sine function, this function is usually called the signum function.

  3. Sign (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

    Astrological sign, one of twelve sectors of the sky in astrology Medical sign , an indication of disease, injury, or abnormal physiological state Sign (TV series) , a 2011 South Korean television series

  4. Psoas sign - Wikipedia

    The psoas sign, also known as Cope's psoas test or Obraztsova's sign, is a medical sign that indicates irritation to the iliopsoas group of hip flexors in the abdomen, and consequently indicates that the inflamed appendix is retrocaecal in orientation (as the iliopsoas muscle is retroperitoneal).

  5. Trousseau sign - Wikipedia

    Trousseau sign is the name of two distinct phenomena observed in clinical medicine. Both are attributed to Armand Trousseau: . Trousseau sign of latent tetany; Trousseau sign of malignancy (aka migratory thrombophlebitis)

  6. Sign extension - Wikipedia

    Sign extension (abbreviated as sext) is the operation, in computer arithmetic, of increasing the number of bits of a binary number while preserving the number's sign (positive/negative) and value. This is done by appending digits to the most significant side of the number, following a procedure dependent on the particular signed number ...

  7. Ruble sign - Wikipedia

    The ruble sign, ₽, is the currency sign used for the Russian ruble, the official currency of Russia. Its form is a Cyrillic letter Р with an additional horizontal stroke. [a] The design was approved on 11 December 2013 after a public poll that took place a month earlier.

  8. The Sign - Wikipedia

    The Sign can refer to: . The Sign (Ace of Base album), an alternate name for the Ace of Base album Happy Nation "The Sign" (song), a 1993 hit from this album The Sign (Crystal Lake album)

  9. Book of Signs - Wikipedia

    In Christian scholarship, the Book of Signs is a name commonly given to the first main section of the Gospel of John, from 1:19 to the end of Chapter 12.It follows the Hymn to the Word and precedes the Book of Glory.