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  2. Alaska Airlines Flight 261 - Wikipedia

    Alaska Airlines Flight 261 was an Alaska Airlines flight of a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 plane that crashed into the Pacific Ocean on January 31, 2000, roughly 2.7 miles (4.3 km; 2.3 nmi) north of Anacapa Island, California, following a catastrophic loss of pitch control, killing all 88 on board: two pilots, three cabin crew members, and 83 passengers.

  3. Sinopec - Wikipedia

    Sinopec Limited was established as a joint stock entity under the China Petrochemical Corporation Group (Sinopec Group) in February 2000. The company was simultaneously listed in Hong Kong, New York, and London in October 2000. A Shanghai listing was completed in June 2001.

  4. New York University - Wikipedia

    These New Yorkers believed the city needed a university designed for young men who would be admitted based upon merit rather than birthright or social class. On April 18, 1831, the institution that would become NYU was established with the support of a group of prominent New York City residents from the city's merchants, bankers, and traders.

  5. Backstreet Boys - Wikipedia

    They rose to superstardom with their third studio album Millennium (1999) and its follow-up album, Black & Blue (2000). They also released a greatest hits album, The Hits - Chapter One (2001), with a new single, "Drowning". After a two-year hiatus, they regrouped and released a comeback album Never Gone (2005).

  6. The Mighty Don't Kneel - Wikipedia't_Kneel

    A rubber match between Nicholls and Haste and Iizuka and Yano took place on 7 July and saw TMDK emerge victorious and become the new GHC Tag Team Champions. [25] [26] [27] In September, Nicholls and Haste both began chasing the GHC Heavyweight Championship , but were defeated in back-to-back title matches by the defending champion, KENTA.

  7. Millennium (Backstreet Boys album) - Wikipedia

    In Canada, Millennium was the seventh biggest selling album since 1995 in the Canadian Soundscan sales era up to end of December 2007, while in Japan, sales went up to 1 million according to Billboard. In 2015, Millennium became one of the best-selling albums of all time, selling 24 million copies worldwide. Track listing

  8. China–Russia relations - Wikipedia–Russia_relations

    The conclusion of a currency swap makes it possible to facilitate payments, as there is an imitation of the internal currency, which speeds up the transfer procedure and minimizes the cost of conversion. [citation needed] In 2013, China initiated the creation of a new economic initiative – the "New silk road" or the Belt and Road Initiative ...

  9. John F. Kennedy International Airport - Wikipedia

    The Port of New York Authority (now the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey) leased the Idlewild property from the City of New York in 1947: 3 and maintains this lease today. In March 1948, the City Council changed the official name to New York International Airport, Anderson Field , but the common name remained "Idlewild" until December ...