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  2. Akt/PKB signaling pathway - Wikipedia

    Akt/PKB signaling pathway. The Akt signaling pathway or PI3K-Akt signaling pathway is a signal transduction pathway that promotes survival and growth in response to extracellular signals. Key proteins involved are PI3K ( phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase) and Akt ( protein kinase B ). Initial stimulation by one of the growth factors causes ...

  3. Sikhism - Wikipedia

    Sikhism ( / ˈsɪkɪzəm / SIK-iz-əm ), also known as Sikhi ( Punjabi: ਸਿੱਖੀ Sikkhī, [ˈsɪk.kʰiː] ⓘ, from ਸਿੱਖ, Sikh, 'disciple / learner'), [i] is an Indian religion [9] and philosophy [10] in particular for the Sikh ethnoreligious group that originated in the Punjab region of India [ii] around the end of the 15th ...

  4. List of U.S. state and territory abbreviations - Wikipedia

    2-letter codes used by the United States Coast Guard (bold red text shows differences between ANSI and USCG) Abbreviations: GPO. Older variable-length official US Government Printing Office abbreviations. AP. Abbreviations from the AP Stylebook (bold red text shows differences between GPO and AP) Name and status of region. ISO.

  5. Protein kinase B - Wikipedia

    Crystal structure of Akt-2-inhibitor complexes. [2] Protein kinase B ( PKB ), also known as Akt, is the collective name of a set of three serine/threonine-specific protein kinases that play key roles in multiple cellular processes such as glucose metabolism, apoptosis, cell proliferation, transcription, and cell migration .

  6. Stranger Things - Wikipedia

    Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror drama television series created by the Duffer Brothers for Netflix. Produced by Monkey Massacre Productions and 21 Laps Entertainment, the first season was released on Netflix on July 15, 2016. The second and third seasons followed in October 2017 and July 2019 respectively, and the fourth ...

  7. AKT1 - Wikipedia

    AKT1. RAC (Rho family)-alpha serine/threonine-protein kinase is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the AKT1 gene. This enzyme belongs to the AKT subfamily of serine/threonine kinases that contain SH2 (Src homology 2-like) protein domains. [5] It is commonly referred to as PKB, or by both names as "Akt/PKB".

  8. AOL Mail

    Found. Redirecting to ...

  9. List of countries by GDP (nominal) - Wikipedia

    Gross domestic product (GDP) is the market value of all final goods and services from a nation in a given year. [2] Countries are sorted by nominal GDP estimates from financial and statistical institutions, which are calculated at market or government official exchange rates. Nominal GDP does not take into account differences in the cost of ...