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  2. HTML - Wikipedia

    The text between < html > and </ html > describes the web page, and the text between < body > and </ body > is the visible page content. The markup text < title > This is a title </ title > defines the browser page title shown on browser tabs and window titles, and the tag < div > defines a division of the page used for easy styling.

  3. Help:HTML in wikitext - Wikipedia

    The MediaWiki software, which drives Wikipedia, allows the use of a subset of HTML 5 elements, or tags and their attributes, for presentation formatting. But most HTML can be included by using equivalent wiki markup or templates; these are generally preferred within articles, as they are sometimes simpler for most editors and less intrusive in the editing window; but Wikipedia's Manual of ...

  4. Google Sites - Wikipedia

    Google Sites is a structured wiki and web page creation tool included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google.The service also includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms, and Google Keep.

  5. Macromedia HomeSite - Wikipedia

    Macromedia HomeSite. HomeSite was an HTML editor originally developed by Nick Bradbury. Unlike WYSIWYG HTML editors such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver, HomeSite was designed for direct editing, or " hand coding ", of HTML and other website languages. After a successful partnership with the company to distribute it alongside its own competing ...

  6. Bluefish (software) - Wikipedia

    Bluefish is a free software advanced text editor with a variety of tools for programming and website development. It supports coding languages including HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, PHP, C, C++, JavaScript, Java, Go, Vala, Ada, D, SQL, Perl, ColdFusion, JSP, Python, Ruby, and shell. It is available for many platforms, including Linux, macOS and ...

  7. Help:Table caption - Wikipedia

    The caption tag is used inside the HTML element "table". This can also be done indirectly using the code "|+" as part of the wikicode for a table . Captions are placed above the table by default. Captions can also be placed below, to the left, or to the right of the table, based on the value of the "align" parameter.

  8. Text-based web browser - Wikipedia

    A text-based web browser is a web browser that renders only the text of web pages, and ignores most graphic content. Under small bandwidth connections, usually, they render pages faster than graphical web browsers due to lowered bandwidth demands. Additionally, the greater CSS, JavaScript and typography functionality of graphical browsers ...

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    related to: site search html code free text