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  2. Help:A quick guide to templates - Wikipedia

    To get there, type "Template:foo" in the search box (see search), or make a wikilink like [[Template:foo]] somewhere, such as in the sandbox, and click on it. Once you are there, just click "edit" or "edit this page" at the very top of the page (not the documentation edit button lower down) and edit it in the same way that you would any other page.

  3. Template:CSS image crop - Wikipedia

    Template:CSS image crop. This template is used on approximately 3,700 pages and changes may be widely noticed. Test changes in the template's /sandbox or /testcases subpages, or in your own user subpage. Consider discussing changes on the talk page before implementing them. { { CSS image crop }} creates a crop of an image inline for previewing ...

  4. Template:Annotated image/doc - Wikipedia

    Template:Annotated image/doc. This is a documentation subpage for Template:Annotated image. It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page. This template allows the addition of explanatory notes to images in the form of actual text (which can also contain links), which is usually more ...

  5. Template:Annotated image 4 - Wikipedia

    Illustration of how the parameters in this image annotation template function. Note: the width of this image is 450 pixels. In the cropped version of this image (see right), the cropped portion is 2x larger than it appears here; i.e., the base image width is set to 900 pixels. Cropped and enlarged image

  6. Help:Template limits - Wikipedia

    See also: Help:Template ยง Expand limits. The inclusion limits are most commonly reached on pages that use the same template many times, for example using one transclusion per row of a long table. Even though the amount of data that the template adds to the final page may be small, it is counted each time the template is used, and so the limit ...

  7. Help:Gallery tag - Wikipedia

    This parameter specifies the initial height to render every image thumbnail, before images are possibly scaled up (keeping their size ratio) by JavaScript to fill rows; when needed the Javascript will query the image server to get resized thumbnails for several scales between 100% (the initial height specified) and about 125%.

  8. Help:HTML in wikitext - Wikipedia

    The MediaWiki software, which drives Wikipedia, allows the use of a subset of HTML 5 elements, or tags and their attributes, for presentation formatting. But most HTML can be included by using equivalent wiki markup or templates; these are generally preferred within articles, as they are sometimes simpler for most editors and less intrusive in the editing window; but Wikipedia's Manual of ...

  9. Help:Template - Wikipedia

    A templateis a Wikipedia page created to be included in other pages. Templates usually contain repetitive material that might need to show up on any number of articles or pages. They are commonly used for boilerplatemessages, standardized warnings or notices, infoboxes, navigational boxes, and similar purposes.