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  2. Should you contribute to a 401(k) over the age of 65? - AOL

    More and more of our readers are going back to work after retirement because they need the money. Some are offered 401(k) plans by their employers. They wonder whether or not they should ...

  3. What to do after you file for a tax extension [Video]

    “Contributions to a SEP or Solo 401 (k) can be made up until the due date of the return, including extensions.” In some states, if you’re receiving a refund, you don’t need to file an extension....

  4. Solo 401(k) - Wikipedia

    Calculating one's maximum annual solo 401 (k) contribution limitation, including employee deferrals and profit sharing contributions, is based on self-employment income or W-2 income earned by the plan participant and the adopting employer's established legal entity (sole proprietorship vs. "C" corporation).

  5. Turn your $50K salary into a $1M retirement fund - AOL

    “If you’re starting at age 40, you’ll need to be able to put away about $1,300 a month to get to $1 million by age 65 — still assuming a 7% return.”If you start saving at age 20, you could set...

  6. IRA Tax Benefits: Taxes on Retirement vs. Non-Retirement Accounts

    A solo 401 (k) allows business owners to contribute up to $19,500 of their compensation in 2021. You can contribute an additional $6,500 if you’re age 50 or older. Additionally, you can contribute...

  7. When are Taxes Due? Important 2020 Tax Deadlines and Dates - AOL

    Generally, you have three years from the tax return due date to claim a tax refund. That means for 2020 tax returns, the window closes on April 15, 2024. After three years, unclaimed tax refunds...

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    related to: solo 401k contribution due dates calculator