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  2. Standard language - Wikipedia

    A standard language (also standard variety, standard dialect, and standard) is a language variety that has undergone substantial codification of grammar and usage, although occasionally the term refers to the entirety of a language that includes a standardized form as one of its varieties.

  3. DICOM - Wikipedia

    The standard also provides services related to imaging such as managing imaging procedure worklists, printing images on film or digital media like DVDs, reporting procedure status like completion of an imaging acquisition, confirming successful archiving of images, encrypting datasets, removing patient identifying information from datasets ...

  4. Media control symbols - Wikipedia

    Media symbols can be found on an array of advertisements, from live music venues to streaming services. In 2012, Google rebranded its digital download store to Google Play, using a play symbol in its logo. The play symbol also serves as a logo for the Google-owned video sharing site YouTube since 2017.

  5. WRLH-TV - Wikipedia

    Nullified sale to Standard Media. On May 8, 2017, Sinclair entered into an agreement to acquire Chicago-based Tribune Media – which has owned WTVR since December 2013 – for $3.9 billion, plus the assumption of $2.7 billion in debt held by Tribune. Because Sinclair and Tribune each owned two television stations in the Richmond market, with ...

  6. Standard error - Wikipedia

    A common source of confusion occurs when failing to distinguish clearly between the standard deviation of the population (), the standard deviation of the sample (), the standard deviation of the mean itself (¯, which is the standard error), and the estimator of the standard deviation of the mean (^ ¯, which is the most often calculated ...

  7. List of common resolutions - Wikipedia

    These may also use other aspect ratios by cropping otherwise black bars at the top and bottom which result from cinema aspect ratios greater than 16∶9, such as 1.85 or 2.35 through 2.40 (dubbed "Cinemascope", "21∶9" etc.), while the standard horizontal resolution, e.g. 1920 pixels, is usually kept.

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    related to: standard media
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