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  2. International standard - Wikipedia

    An international standard is a technical standard developed by one or more international standards organizations. International standards are available for consideration and use worldwide. The most prominent such organization is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

  3. Standard enthalpy of formation - Wikipedia

    Since the pressure of the standard formation reaction is fixed at 1 bar, the standard formation enthalpy or reaction heat is a function of temperature. For tabulation purposes, standard formation enthalpies are all given at a single temperature: 298 K, represented by the symbol Δ f H ⦵ 298 K

  4. Advanced Encryption Standard - Wikipedia

    The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is defined in each of: FIPS PUB 197: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) ISO/IEC 18033-3: Block ciphers; Description of the ciphers. AES is based on a design principle known as a substitution–permutation network, and is efficient in both software and hardware.

  5. Standard cubic feet per minute - Wikipedia, webpage Online calculator for conversion of volume, mass and molar flows (SCFM, MMSCFD, Nm3/hr, kg/s, kmol/hr and more) ACFM versus SCFM for ASME AG-1 HEPA Filters; SCFM (Standard CFM) vs. ACFM (Actual CFM) (Specifically for air flows only) "Standard conditions for gases" from the IUPAC Gold Book. "Standard pressure" from the ...

  6. AS/NZS 3760 - Wikipedia

    AS/NZS 3760 is referred to as the test and tag standard (the full given name of the standard is: In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment). This is a benchmark for test and tag as well as electrical safety and is referred to in many other New Zealand and Australian electrical standards.

  7. CD-i - Wikipedia

    CD-i media physically have the same dimensions as CD, but with up to 744 MB of digital data storage, including up to 72 minutes of full motion video. CD-i players were usually standalone boxes that connect to a standard television; some less common setups included integrated CD-i television sets and expansion modules for personal computers.

  8. Standard Gibbs free energy of formation - Wikipedia

    The standard Gibbs free energy of formation (G f °) of a compound is the change of Gibbs free energy that accompanies the formation of 1 mole of a substance in its standard state from its constituent elements in their standard states (the most stable form of the element at 1 bar of pressure and the specified temperature, usually 298.15 K or 25 °C).

  9. Algorithms for calculating variance - Wikipedia

    This algorithm can easily be adapted to compute the variance of a finite population: simply divide by n instead of n − 1 on the last line.. Because SumSq and (Sum×Sum)/n can be very similar numbers, cancellation can lead to the precision of the result to be much less than the inherent precision of the floating-point arithmetic used to perform the computation.