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  2. Password strength - Wikipedia

    Most password managers can automatically create strong passwords using a cryptographically secure random password generator, as well as calculating the entropy of the generated password. A good password manager will provide resistance against attacks such as key logging , clipboard logging and various other memory spying techniques.

  3. Random number generation - Wikipedia

    Random number generation is a process by which, often by means of a random number generator (RNG), a sequence of numbers or symbols that cannot be reasonably predicted better than by random chance is generated. This means that the particular outcome sequence will contain some patterns detectable in hindsight but unpredictable to foresight.

  4. Password - Wikipedia

    Pieris Tsokkis and Eliana Stavrou were able to identify some bad password construction strategies through their research and development of a password generator tool. They came up with eight categories of password construction strategies based on exposed password lists, password cracking tools, and online reports citing the most used passwords.

  5. Key (cryptography) - Wikipedia

    Key vs password. A password is a memorized series of characters including letters, digits, and other special symbols that are used to verify identity. It is often produced by a human user or a password management software to protect personal and sensitive information or generate cryptographic keys.

  6. Cryptographic hash function - Wikipedia

    A cryptographic hash function (CHF) is a mathematical algorithm that maps data of an arbitrary size (often called the "message") to a bit array of a fixed size (the "hash value", "hash", or "message digest").

  7. Crypto Wars - Wikipedia

    This refers to wiretapping court orders and police measures becoming ineffective as strong end-to-end encryption is increasingly added to widespread messenger products. Rosenstein suggested key escrow would provide their customers with a way to recover their encrypted data if they forget their password, so that it is not lost forever. From a ...

  8. Samy Kamkar - Wikipedia

    Samy Kamkar (born December 10, 1985) is an American privacy and security researcher, computer hacker and entrepreneur.At the age of 16, he dropped out of high school. One year later, he co-founded Fonality, a unified communications company based on open-source software, which raised over $46 million in private funding.

  9. Threema - Wikipedia

    Threema uses a user ID, created after the initial app launch by a random generator, instead of requiring a linked email address or phone number to send messages. It is possible to find other users by phone number or email address if the user allows the app to synchronize their address book. [5]

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