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  2. Umar Khalid - Wikipedia

    Umar Khalid (born as Syed Umar Khalid) is an activist, former student of Jawaharlal Nehru University, former leader of Democratic Students' Union (DSU) in JNU. He was allegedly involved in the Jawaharlal Nehru University sedition row and is an accused under the UAPA Act.

  3. Cooley Vocational High School - Wikipedia

    Edwin Gilbert Cooley Vocational High School (also known as Cooley Vocational High School and Upper Grade Center, commonly known as Cooley High) was a public 4–year vocational high school and middle school located in the Old Town neighborhood on the Near North Side of Chicago, Illinois, United States.

  4. Educational technology - Wikipedia

    Educational technology is an inclusive term for both the material tools, processes, and the theoretical foundations for supporting learning and teaching.Educational technology is not restricted to high technology but is anything that enhances classroom learning in the utilization of blended, face to face, or online learning.

  5. Supervised visitation - Wikipedia

    Supervised visitation allows parents in high conflict or high risk situations access to their children in a safe and supervised environment. The noncustodial parent has access to the child only when supervised by another adult.

  6. Regis University - Wikipedia

    Regis University's Center for Service Learning (CSL) facilitates student voluntary service, the development of service learning components in coursework, and placement among the needier members of society for those with work study awards. These are essential components of the university's mission to train men and women for others.

  7. Progressive Labor Party (United States) - Wikipedia

    The Progressive Labor Party (PLP) is a Marxist–Leninist political party based primarily in the United States.The PLP is an anti-revisionist communist organization. It was established in January 1962 as the Progressive Labor Movement following a split in the Communist Party USA, adopting its new name at a convention held in the spring of 1965.

  8. List of cases of police brutality in the United Kingdom ...

    The Crown Prosecution Service accepted the police's assertion that they were acting in self-defence. 2009: policing at the 2009 G-20 London summit protests included the technique of kettling. A bystander, Ian Tomlinson, died shortly after being pushed to the ground by a police officer. An inquest found that Tomlinson was unlawfully killed.

  9. Levi Bellfield - Wikipedia

    Yusuf Rahim (born Levi Rabetts; 17 May 1968), better known as Levi Bellfield, is an English serial killer and sex offender.He was found guilty on 25 February 2008 of the murders of Marsha McDonnell and Amélie Delagrange and the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy, and sentenced to life imprisonment.