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  2. COVID-19 vaccination in Malaysia - Wikipedia

    The National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (Malay: Program Imunisasi COVID-19 Kebangsaan), abbreviated as NIP or PICK, is a national vaccination campaign that is currently being implemented by the Malaysian government as an approach in curbing the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and to end the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia by successfully achieving the highest immunisation rate ...

  3. Jawi alphabet - Wikipedia

    Jawi (Jawi: جاوي; Kelantan-Pattani: Yawi; Acèh: Jawoë; Malay pronunciation: [d͡ʒä.wi]) is a writing system used for writing the Malay language and several other languages of Southeast Asia, such as Acehnese, Banjarese, Kerinci, Minangkabau and Tausūg. Jawi is based on the Arabic script, consisting of all of the original 28 Arabic ...

  4. Socialization - Wikipedia

    Socialization essentially represents the whole process of learning throughout the life course and is a central influence on the behavior, beliefs, and actions of adults as well as of children. Socialization may lead to desirable outcomes—sometimes labeled " moral "—as regards the society where it occurs.

  5. Amirizdwan Taj - Wikipedia

    Amirizdwan Taj Bin Tajuddin (born 30 March 1986), commonly known as Taj, is a Malaysian professional footballer who plays as a centre back and capped by Malaysian national team. Born in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Taj never seriously play football at his youth where he attended MRSM Gerik and later MRSM Kuala Terengganu.

  6. Safawi Rasid - Wikipedia

    Muhammad Safawi bin Rasid (born 5 March 1997) is a Malaysian professional footballer who plays for Johor Darul Ta'zim and the Malaysia national team. He mostly plays as a winger but he can also play as a striker. He is known for his free kick ability to curl the ball and ability to conjure curving long-range strikes.

  7. Royal Military College (Malaysia) - Wikipedia

    Website. www .rmc .edu .my. Royal Military College ( Malay: Maktab Tentera DiRaja; abbreviated RMC) is an all-boys military school established to train young Malaysians for service in the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF). RMC is elite and prestigious College in Malaysia. It is sometimes dubbed "the Malaya's Sandhurst ".

  8. National School of Business Management - Wikipedia

    The university provides student and staff accommodation facilities. The student accommodation facility of 10 floors has the capacity to house nearly 500 students with over 250 fully furnished bedrooms on a twin sharing basis. There is a choice of apartments available for staff in a building of seven floors.

  9. Shamrahayu A. Aziz - Wikipedia

    Shamrahayu binti A. Aziz ( Jawi: شمرحايو بنت عبد العزيز; born 5 June 1968) is a law lecturer at the Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws (AIKOL), International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), Malaysia, and the incumbent Institution of the Malay Rulers Chair at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM). She writes weekly as a ...