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  2. Get Support-AOL Help

    Get answers to your AOL Mail, login, Desktop Gold, AOL app, password and subscription questions. Find the support options to contact customer care by email, chat, or phone number.

  3. 6-1-1 - Wikipedia

    Many landline and mobile phone providers support 6-1-1. Some providers who supply other services, such as Internet or cable television, support these other services with 6-1-1. While 611 has not been officially designated by the FCC, this code receives nearly 74 million calls annually, making it the most frequently used N-1-1 number in the ...

  4. Windows Phone 7 - Wikipedia

    It received multiple large updates, the last being Windows Phone 7.8, which was released in January 2013 and added a few features backported from Windows Phone 8, such as a more customizable start screen. Microsoft ended support for Windows Phone 7 on October 14, 2014. It was succeeded by Windows Phone 8, which was released on October 29, 2012.

  5. Mobile banking - Wikipedia

    There are a large number of different mobile phone devices and it is a big challenge for banks to offer a mobile banking solution [buzzword] on any type of device. Some of these devices support Java ME and others support SIM Application Toolkit, a WAP browser, or only SMS.

  6. Toll-free telephone number - Wikipedia

    A limited number of companies utilizing toll-free numbers will not accept calls from mobile phones. Some other free phone services exist, such as "*555" ("star five five five"), which can be dialled from cellular phones to report traffic conditions and incidents of dangerous driving.

  7. Call-tracking software - Wikipedia

    Call tracking software records information about incoming telephone calls, and in some regions even the conversation.Call tracking is a technology which can enable the pay per call, pay per minute or pay per lead business model, allowing the tracking of phone calls to be associated with performance-based advertising such as Google AdWords, SEO Services, Display and Electronic Direct Marketing ...

  8. VoIP phone - Wikipedia

    A VoIP phone or application may have many features an analog phone doesn't support, such as e-mail-like IDs for contacts that may be easier to remember than names or phone numbers, or easy sharing of contact lists among multiple accounts.

  9. Fax - Wikipedia

    Fax (short for facsimile), sometimes called telecopying or telefax (the latter short for telefacsimile), is the telephonic transmission of scanned printed material (both text and images), normally to a telephone number connected to a printer or other output device.