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  2. Tanks of the Israel Defense Forces - Wikipedia

    These tanks had modifications included replacement of the original 90 mm gun with the British 105 mm L7, lowering the command turret's profile, upgraded communication suite, and replacement of the flammable and weak gasoline engine with a 750 hp diesel one.

  3. J. Walter Christie - Wikipedia

    John Walter Christie (May 6, 1865 – January 11, 1944) was an American engineer and inventor. He is best known for developing the Christie suspension system used in a number of World War II-era tank designs, most notably the Soviet BT and T-34 series, and the British Covenanter and Crusader Cruiser tanks, as well as the Comet heavy cruiser tank.

  4. Yoshimasa Hosoya - Wikipedia

    Yoshimasa Hosoya (細谷 佳正, Hosoya Yoshimasa, born February 10, 1982) is a Japanese voice actor and narrator.

  5. T-34 - Wikipedia

    In 1937, the Red Army had assigned engineer Mikhail Koshkin to lead a new team to design a replacement for the BT tanks at the Kharkiv Komintern Locomotive Plant (KhPZ). The prototype tank, designated A-20, had a modified BA-20 engine and was specified with 20 mm (0.8 in) of armour, a 45 mm (1.77 in) gun, the production model used a Model V-2-34 engine, a less-flammable diesel fuel in a V12 ...

  6. List of WWII Maybach engines - Wikipedia

    Maybach HL42 TRKM (intake side) with most ancillaries removed. Oil reservoir (TR dry sump) at lower centre; intake manifold and twin vertical holes for carburetter (centre); some of the clutch mechanism (K) partly obscured (far left); the magneto (M), driven off the flywheel, fits in the large hole to the left of the oil reservoir; the fuel pump attaches to the two threaded studs directly below.