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  2. Tax deduction at source - Wikipedia

    Tax deduction at source (TDS) in India is a means of collecting tax on income, dividends or asset sales, by requiring the payer (or legal intermediary) to deduct tax due before paying the balance to the payee (and the tax to the revenue authority).

  3. Income tax in India - Wikipedia

    Income tax in India is governed by Entry 82 of the Union List of the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India, empowering the central government to tax non-agricultural income; agricultural income is defined in Section 10(1) of the Income-tax Act, 1961.

  4. Wastewater quality indicators - Wikipedia

    Total dissolved solids or TDS (sometimes called filterable residue) is measured as the mass of residue remaining when a measured volume of filtered water is evaporated. The mass of dried solids remaining on the filter is called total suspended solids (TSS) or nonfiltrable residue.

  5. List of NFL quarterbacks who have posted a perfect passer ...

    Statistics. Only Nick Foles has accomplished a perfect passer rating with seven touchdowns thrown. Two quarterbacks have accomplished a perfect passer rating with six touchdowns thrown: Peyton Manning was the first to achieve the record on September 28, 2003 against the New Orleans Saints, while Tom Brady matched the feat on October 21, 2007 against the Miami Dolphins.

  6. Hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene - Wikipedia

    Hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) is an oligomer of butadiene terminated at each end with a hydroxyl functional group.It reacts with isocyanates to form polyurethane polymers.

  7. Bloating - Wikipedia

    Abdominal bloating is a symptom that can appear at any age, generally associated with functional gastrointestinal disorders or organic diseases, but can also appear alone. ...

  8. James Burgess (American football, born 1994) - Wikipedia

    James Paul Burgess Jr. (born March 9, 1994) is an American football linebacker who is currently a free agent. He played college football at Louisville.. His father, James Burgess, also played in the NFL.

  9. Application layer - Wikipedia

    An application layer is an abstraction layer that specifies the shared communications protocols and interface methods used by hosts in a communications network. The application layer abstraction is used in both of the standard models of computer networking: the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) and the OSI model.