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  2. Irish Bank Resolution Corporation - Wikipedia

    The removal of both failed banks from the Irish banking system was a key objective for the new Fine Gael-led government. Michael Noonan , the Minister for Finance , made an application to the High Court [10] using his powers under the Credit Institutions (Stabilization) Act 2010, requesting that the assets and liabilities of INBS be immediately ...

  3. Internet in the United States - Wikipedia

    To elucidate the term "net neutrality", one can apply a metaphor that was given and illustrated by Michael Goodwin: In his illustration, he illustrates ISPs as the driveway that connects a home to the vast network of destinations on the internet, and net neutrality is the principle that prevents ISPs from slowing some traffic or charging a ...

  4. Oireachtas - Wikipedia

    The Oireachtas (/ ˈ ɛr ə k t ə s / ERR-ək-təs, Irish: [ˈɛɾʲaxt̪ˠəsˠ]), sometimes referred to as Oireachtas Éireann, is the legislature of Ireland. The Oireachtas consists of:

  5. Indian Army - Wikipedia

    The home of the Regiment is in Nashik, Maharashtra, where their headquarters is located, along with the service's museum. The School of Artillery of the Indian Army is located nearby, in Devlali . After suffering consistent failure to import or produce modern artillery for three decades, [136] [137] the Regiment of Artillery is finally going ...

  6. Port of Piraeus - Wikipedia

    Until the 3rd millennium BC, Piraeus was a rocky island connected to the mainland by a low-lying stretch of land that was flooded with sea water most of the year. It was then that the area was increasingly silted and flooding ceased, thus permanently connecting Piraeus to Attica and forming its ports, the main port of Cantharus and the two smaller of Zea and Munichia.

  7. Politics of the Republic of Ireland - Wikipedia

    Ireland is a parliamentary, representative democratic republic and a member state of the European Union.While the head of state is the popularly elected President of Ireland, it is a largely ceremonial position, with real political power being vested in the Taoiseach, who is nominated by the Dáil and is the head of the government.

  8. Anglo-Irish Treaty - Wikipedia

    The 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty (Irish: An Conradh Angla-Éireannach), commonly known as The Treaty and officially the Articles of Agreement for a Treaty Between Great Britain and Ireland, was an agreement between the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and representatives of the Irish Republic that concluded the Irish War of Independence.

  9. Ireland as a tax haven - Wikipedia

    The Republic of Ireland has been labelled as a tax haven or corporate tax haven by multiple financial reports, an assertion which the state rejects. In 2021 the Tax Justice Network ranked Ireland 11th in its list of enablers of global corporate tax abuse.