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  2. Atlantic Broadband - Wikipedia

    In 2020, Atlantic Broadband announced that it had signed an agreement to acquire Thames Valley Communications, a broadband services company operating in Southeastern Connecticut. [9] On June 30, 2021, it was announced that Atlantic Broadband would be purchasing the Ohio markets of Columbus and Cleveland from WOW! in a deal valued at $1.125 ...

  3. Xfinity - Wikipedia

    The data usage plan does not currently apply to the Gigabit Pro tier of service, Business Internet customers, customers on Bulk Internet agreements, and customers with Prepaid Internet. [53] On November 23, 2020, Comcast announced a new 1.2TB data cap will be implemented for all of the remaining areas in the northeast by March 2021. [54]

  4. Internet in the United States - Wikipedia

    As a result, Internet penetration and, more specifically, broadband Internet penetration rates are now treated as key economic indicators. The United States is widely perceived as falling behind in both its rate of broadband Internet penetration and the speed of its broadband infrastructure.

  5. Top-level domain - Wikipedia

    country-code top-level domains (ccTLD): Two-letter domains established for countries or territories. With some historical exceptions, the code for any territory is the same as its two-letter ISO 3166 code. Internationalized country code top-level domains (IDN ccTLD): ccTLDs in non-Latin character sets (e.g., Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, or Chinese).

  6. Lumen Technologies - Wikipedia

    2020 name change to Lumen. On September 14, 2020, CenturyLink, Inc announced that it had changed its name to Lumen Technologies, Inc. Effective with the opening of the trading day on Sept. 18, 2020, the company stock ticker changed from CTL to LUMN. The CenturyLink brand will continue to be the customer-facing brand for traditional copper-based ...

  7. TelstraClear - Wikipedia

    It provided residential line rental services, internet services, IT services, security services, cable TV/cable modem and mobile telephone services to 70,000 subscribers on its network in Wellington, Christchurch and Kapiti. Overall the company had around 200,000 customers.

  8. Internet service provider - Wikipedia

    An Internet service provider (ISP) is an organization that provides a myriad of services for accessing, using, or participating in the Internet.Internet service providers can be organized in various forms, such as commercial, community-owned, non-profit, or otherwise privately owned.

  9. AT&T - Wikipedia

    Praetorian Security Group criticized the web application that Goatse Security exploited as "poorly designed". [160] In April 2015, AT&T was fined $25 million over data security breaches, marking the largest ever fine issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for breaking data privacy laws.