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  2. DirecTV Stream - Wikipedia

    On January 12, 2021, AT&T discontinued their Plus and Max plans to new subscribers, shifting them towards new AT&T TV packages (starting at $69.99). The packages are $15 more expensive than the previous base package, and includes channels owned by AMC Networks , Discovery Inc. and A+E Networks .

  3. GlobeCast World TV - Wikipedia

    GlobeCast World TV was a television via satellite service received in North America via the Galaxy 19 satellite, providing ethnic television and audio channels. It was a service by Globecast, a subsidiary of Orange. In North America, the satellite broadcasts dozens of Arabic and Asian channels.

  4. Cable One - Wikipedia

    Its Cable TV service previously used a single cable connected directly to the TV to provide channels, but switched to using a cable box in early 2015 to provide channels. Cable One had promised superior image quality with their cable boxes, but some customers have reported that the cable boxes often display poor image quality. [citation needed]

  5. Free (ISP) - Wikipedia

    Free was the third ISP in France to offer Internet access without a subscription or a surcharged phone number, on 26 April 1999. Unlike its predecessors in the niche of access without subscription (World Online on 1999-04-01 and Freesurf [] on 1999-04-19), Free's offer was not restricted in time or number of subscribers.

  6. Sky Cable - Wikipedia

    Sky Cable (stylized as SKYcable) is a cable television service of Sky Cable Corporation in the Philippines. It covers areas across the country with both digital and analog cable services, and it has 700,000 subscribers, controlling 45% of the cable TV market.

  7. DStv - Wikipedia

    DStv (abbreviation for Digital Satellite Television) is a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice.The service launched in 1995 provides multiple channels and services to their subscribers.

  8. Cable television - Wikipedia

    Cable television began in the United States as a commercial business in 1950, although there were small-scale systems by hobbyists in the 1940s.. The early systems simply received weak channels, amplified them, and sent them over unshielded wires to the subscribers, limited to a community or to adjacent communities.

  9. Windstream Holdings - Wikipedia

    Windstream Holdings, Inc., also doing business as Windstream Communications or Windstream, is a provider of voice and data network communications (broadband, VoIP, MPLS), and managed services (virtual servers, managed firewall, data storage, cloud-based voice, etc.), to businesses in the United States.