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  2. These Beloved Grocery Stores Are Gone Forever

    Perhaps one of the best-known defunct grocery store chains, A&P, or the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, traces its roots back to 1859, beginning as a mail-order tea business in New York City ...

  3. Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc - Wikipedia

    It has a distance of approximately 171 kilometres (106 mi), and a total elevation gain of around 10,040 metres (32,940 ft). It is widely regarded as one of the most difficult foot races in the world, and one of the largest with more than 2,500 starters. It is one race during a week-long festival based around Chamonix in France, and is a race of ...

  4. Tektronix - Wikipedia

    The company traces its roots to the electronics revolution that immediately followed World War II.It was founded in December 1945 as Tekrad. The name was similar to that of a California company, Techrad, so in 1946, the four partners, Howard Vollum, Jack Murdock and Miles Tippery, who had both served in the Coast Guard, and accountant Glenn McDowell, formed Tektronix, Inc.

  5. Cork (city) - Wikipedia

    The city's charter was granted by Prince John, as Lord of Ireland, in 1185. The city was once fully walled, and some wall sections and gates remain today. For much of the Middle Ages, Cork city was an outpost of Old English culture in the midst of a predominantly hostile Gaelic countryside and cut off from the English government in the Pale around Dublin.

  6. Exception handling - Wikipedia

    In programming language mechanisms for exception handling, the term exception is typically used in a specific sense to denote a data structure storing information about an exceptional condition. One mechanism to transfer control, or raise an exception, is known as a throw. The exception is said to be thrown.

  7. Dachhiri Sherpa - Wikipedia

    Dachhiri Dawa Sherpa — winner of TDS -Traces des Ducs de Savoie, Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc 2012. Born November 3, 1969 (age 51) Nepal. Nationality: Nepalese:

  8. County Meath - Wikipediaí

    County Meath ( / miːð /; Irish: Contae na Mí or simply an Mhí) is a county in Ireland. It is in the province of Leinster and is part of the Mid-East Region. It is named after the historic Kingdom of Meath (from Midhe meaning "middle" or "centre"). Meath County Council is the local authority for the county.

  9. Income tax in India - Wikipedia

    Income tax in India is governed by Entry 82 of the Union List of the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India, empowering the central government to tax non-agricultural income; agricultural income is defined in Section 10(1) of the Income-tax Act, 1961.

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