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  2. Telegram (software) - Wikipedia

    Telegram Messenger, commonly known as Telegram, is a cloud-based, cross-platform, encrypted instant messaging (IM) service. It was originally launched for iOS on 14 August 2013 and Android on 20 October 2013.

  3. Pavel Durov - Wikipedia

    Pavel Valeryevich Durov (Russian: Павел Валерьевич Дуров; born 10 October 1984) is a Russian-born Emirati entrepreneur who is known for founding the social networking site VK and the app Telegram Messenger. He is the younger brother of Nikolai Durov.

  4. Worldwide use of telegrams by country - Wikipedia

    iTelegram took over telegram service from Western Union on 27 January 2006. Telegrams can be sent via the iTelegram web site or via Deskmail, a legacy Windows program. Uruguay: Yes – Antel, the state-owned postal service, provides telegraph service for both domestic and international destinations. Vatican City: Yes –

  5. List of most-visited websites - Wikipedia

    Web portal Yahoo! United States Yandex Search: 9 15 Search engine Yandex Russia WhatsApp: 10 10 Instant messaging Meta United States XVideos: 11 9 Pornography — Czech Republic TikTok: 12 16 Social network ByteDance China Reddit: 13 8 Social network — United States Amazon: amazon ...

  6. Telegram messenger - Wikipedia

    In many English-speaking countries, a telegram messenger, more often known as a telegram delivery boy, telegraph boy or telegram boy was a young man employed to deliver telegrams, usually on bicycle.

  7. The Open Network - Wikipedia

    The Open Network (previously Telegram Open Network, both abb. as TON) is a decentralized computer network consisting of a layer-1 blockchain with various components. TON was originally developed by Nikolai Durov and the messaging platform, Telegram and now embraced by a global community of independent contributors.

  8. Nth Room case - Wikipedia

    The "Nth Room" case (Korean: n번방 사건; Hanja: n番房 事件) is a criminal case involving blackmail, cybersex trafficking, and the spread of sexually exploitative videos via the Telegram app between 2018 and 2020 in South Korea.

  9. Telegraphy - Wikipedia

    A telegraph is a device for transmitting and receiving messages over long distances, i.e., for telegraphy. The word telegraph alone generally refers to an electrical telegraph. Wireless telegraphy is transmission of messages over radio with telegraphic codes.

  10. Government censorship of Telegram - Wikipedia

    Telegram was blocked by the government on May 1, 2018. For until one year from the end of the 2017 riots, the Iranian government made available a customized version of Telegram that was under their domain.

  11. Telegram Sam - Wikipedia

    T. Rex singles chronology. "Jeepster". (1971) " Telegram Sam ". (1972) "Metal Guru". (1972) " Telegram Sam " is a song written by Marc Bolan for the British rock group T. Rex, appearing on their 1972 album The Slider. The song was their third UK number one single, remaining at the top of the charts for two weeks.