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  2. Telegram (software) - Wikipedia

    Telegram Web A / Web K: Web: Yes: GPLv3: No: Two web-based versions of Telegram. The web version cannot be used to register and log in, this feature is officially supported by the mobile app only. The code for the legacy web client called Webogram is available as well, though this version is no longer supported.

  3. AOL Mail

    Get AOL Mail for FREE! Manage your email like never before with travel, photo & document views. Personalize your inbox with themes & tabs. You've Got Mail!

  4. Telegram in Iran - Wikipedia

    Telegram in Iran. The Telegram instant messaging service has had more than 50 million users in Iran. [1] Following the disruptions caused by the Iranian government in the Viber [2] [3] and Line services, the Iranian people were attracted to Telegram. [4] Security was the most important reason that led to its popularity.

  5. Comparison of cross-platform instant messaging clients

    General Client Developer Initial release Platform Latest release License (client) License (server) Monthly active users Version Date BlackBerryMessenger Enterprise Blackberry June 2014 ; 10 years ago (2014-06) iOS, Android Proprietary freeware Proprietary Beeper Nova Technology, Inc. Beeper, Inc. Automattic May 10, 2021 ; 3 years ago (2021-05-10) Android ChromeOS iOS Linux macOS Windows Apache ...

  6. List of websites blocked in Russia - Wikipedia

    IPs associated with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform are included in the block, due to Telegram's use of these platforms; this measure resulted in collateral damage due to usage of the platforms by other services in the country, including retail, Mastercard SecureCode,'s TamTam messaging service, Twitch, and many other ...

  7. AOL

    AOL is a leading online service provider that offers free email, news, entertainment, and more. With AOL, you can access your email from any device, customize your inbox, and enjoy a secure and reliable email experience. Sign in to AOL today and discover the benefits of AOL Mail.

  8. Domain fronting - Wikipedia

    Domain fronting. After TLS encryption is established, the HTTP header reroutes to another domain hosted on the same CDN. Domain fronting is a technique for Internet censorship circumvention that uses different domain names in different communication layers of an HTTPS connection to discreetly connect to a different target domain than is ...

  9. Comparison of web browsers - Wikipedia

    Operating system support. Browsers are compiled to run on certain operating systems, without emulation.. This list is not exhaustive, but rather reflects the most common Netscape Navigator was also developed for OS/2 at a time when macOS 10 did not exist) but does not include the growing appliance segment (for example, the Opera web browser has gained a leading role for use in mobile phones ...