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  2. Telegram (software) - Wikipedia

    Telegram Web A / Web K: Web: Yes: GPLv3: No: Two web-based versions of Telegram. The web version cannot be used to register and log in, this feature is officially supported by the mobile app only. The code for the legacy web client called Webogram is available as well, though this version is no longer supported.

  3. Comparison of cross-platform instant messaging clients

    Phone required for initial registration & login. Desktop client can function independently afterwards. For some features: secret chats, voice and video calls, and voice chats in groups: No No No Tencent QQ: No: No No No No Threema: No A valid phone number or email address is not required for registration & login.

  4. Telegram in Iran - Wikipedia

    Telegram in Iran. The Telegram instant messaging service has had more than 50 million users in Iran. [1] Following the disruptions caused by the Iranian government in the Viber [2] [3] and Line services, the Iranian people were attracted to Telegram. [4] Security was the most important reason that led to its popularity.

  5. AOL Mail

    Absolutely! It's quick and easy to sign up for a free AOL account. With your AOL account you get features like AOL Mail, news, and weather for free!

  6. Telegram messenger - Wikipedia

    Telegram messenger. In many English-speaking countries, a telegram messenger, more often known as a telegram delivery boy, telegraph boy or telegram boy was a young man employed to deliver telegrams, usually on bicycle. In the United Kingdom, they were employed by the General Post Office; in the United States, they worked for Western Union or ...

  7. Guilded - Wikipedia

    Guilded is a VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed by Guilded Inc. and owned by Roblox Corporation. Guilded is based in San Francisco. Users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called "guilds".

  8. List of free and open-source iOS applications - Wikipedia

    This is an incomplete list of notable applications (apps) that run on iOS where source code is available under a free software/open-source software license.Note however that much of this software is dual-licensed for non-free distribution via the iOS app store; for example, GPL licenses are not compatible with the app store.

  9. End-to-end encryption - Wikipedia

    Other applications such as Telegram, instead, encode fingerprints using emojis. Modern messaging applications can also display fingerprints as QR codes that users can scan off each other's devices. Endpoint security. The end-to-end encryption paradigm does not directly address risks at the communications endpoints themselves.