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  2. Qandeel Baloch - Wikipedia

    Azeem rose to prominence due to her videos on social networks discussing her daily routine, her rights as a Pakistani woman, and various controversial issues. [2] [3] Baloch first received recognition from the media in 2013, when she auditioned for Pakistan Idol ; her audition became popular and she became an Internet celebrity .

  3. Islamabad - Wikipedia

    The average daily turnover of the stock exchange is over 1 million shares. According to the World Bank's Doing Business Report of 2010, Islamabad was ranked as the best place to start a business in Pakistan. Islamabad's businesses are Pakistan's most compliant for paying tax dues.

  4. List of newspapers in Pakistan - Wikipedia

    Parda chaak is a weekly news publication being regularly published from Lahore Pakistan. 76 Daily Ausaf: Daily Urdu Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Europe, Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan 1997 Its chief editor is Mehtab Khan. Daily Ausaf was inaugurated on 25 December 1997 from Islamabad 79 Daily Aaj: Peshawar, Abbottabad 1989 Editor-in-chief: A.W. Yousfi 80

  5. Timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan - Wikipedia

    This article documents the timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan.

  6. Immigration to Pakistan - Wikipedia

    Immigration to Pakistan is the legal entry and settlement of foreign nationals in Pakistan. Immigration policy is overseen by the Interior Minister of Pakistan through the Directorate General Passports.

  7. The Right Stuff (blog) - Wikipedia

    The Right Stuff is a neo-Nazi, Holocaust denial, and white nationalist conspiracy theory media website that hosts a blog and discussion forum, as well as various podcasts, including The Daily Shoah.

  8. Nawaiwaqt - Wikipedia

    Nawaiwaqt (Urdu: نوائے وقت ‎, lit. 'The Voice of Time ') is an Urdu daily newspaper in Pakistan which is currently owned by Majid Nizami Trust. It was launched on March 23, 1940, under the leadership of Hameed Nizami (3 Oct 1915-22 Feb 1962).

  9. Pakistan Air Force - Wikipedia

    The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) (Urdu: پاک فِضائیہ ‎, romanized: Pāk Fìzāʾiyah; pronounced [pɑːk fɪzɑːɪjəɦ]) is the aerial warfare branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces, tasked primarily with the aerial defence of Pakistan, with a secondary role of providing air support to the Pakistan Army and Navy when required, and a tertiary role of providing strategic airlift capability ...