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  2. Mass media in Kenya - Wikipedia

    Kenya has several magazines most of which are published monthly and a few are bi-monthly. The magazines cover a range of topics such as business, lifestyle, politics, entertainment, media, and other societal issues. All newspapers that are published are usually accomplished with a magazine in every daily edition.

  3. Indians in Kenya - Wikipedia

    A New View of Kenya's 'Asians', Washington Post 15 March 2000. More Kenyan Asians flee to Britain : BBC, 4 February 1968. Reprinted by, "On this Date", n.d.

  4. 11th Parliament of Kenya - Wikipedia

    Jubilee signed post-election coalition agreements with the New Ford Kenya, Alliance Party of Kenya, Chama Cha Uzalendo, People Democratic Party, Ford People, and Kenya African National Union. Reports indicate that there are currently 212 Members of the National Assembly who have agreed to work with the Jubilee Alliance.

  5. HIV/AIDS in Africa - Wikipedia

    HIV made the leap from rural isolation to rapid urban transmission as a result of urbanization that occurred during the 20th century. There are many reasons for which there is such prevalence of AIDS in Africa. One of the most formative explanations is the poverty that dramatically impacts the daily lives of Africans.