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  2. Kenya Broadcasting Corporation - Wikipedia

    Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) is the state-run media organisation of Kenya. It broadcasts in English and Swahili, as well as in most local languages of Kenya. The corporation started its life in 1928 when Kenya was a British colony. It was the first station in Kenya.

  3. Mass media in Kenya - Wikipedia

    The media is also regulated by the Kenya Film Classification Board, a State Corporation under the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) which is mandated by the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 Laws of Kenya to regulate the creation, possession, broadcasting, exhibition, and distribution of films in Kenya.

  4. Kenya News Agency - Wikipedia

    In 2016 Kenya News Agency made its historic image collection (more than 50,000 images) available online through a public portal Urithi. Urithi also includes audio and video content sourced from the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. Publications. The Kenya News Agency has in the past produced the following publications: Habari [1921 Monthly]

  5. KBC - Wikipedia

    Broadcasting. KBC (TV channel), Algeria Kenya Broadcasting Corporation; Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting, a Japanese station; Companies. KBC Advanced Technologies, an energy and process industry consulting company

  6. Sophie Ikenye - Wikipedia

    Ikenye studied mass communication in Kenya and got an internship at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). She worked at KBC, Citizen TV, NTV Kenya [3] She applied for a position at the BBC World Service in London which was looking for three presenters from East, West and South Africa, and got the job.

  7. Vitimbi - Wikipedia

    Vitimbi is a Kenyan television comedy show that premiered in 1985 on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation then known as Voice of Kenya.. Overview. The term 'vitimbi' can be translated to mean 'machinations' or 'intrigues' or 'drama' in Kiswahili.

  8. Catherine Kasavuli - Wikipedia

    Catherine Kasavuli (born 1962) is a former Kenyan news presenter. Kasavuli was the first female news anchor in the country and has previously worked in other leading television stations including The Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), Citizen Television and Kenya Television Network (KTN).