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  2. Citizen TV - Wikipedia

    Citizen TV. / 36.791138; -1.286546. Citizen TV is a Kenyan free-to-air television channel owned by Royal Media Services and broadcasting mostly in English and Swahili. It was started in 1999 and relaunched in June 2006.

  3. NTV (Kenyan TV channel) - Wikipedia

    The channel began operating on April 4, 2005, and is a revamp from the previous Nation TV station under the Nation Media Group arm that has been in existence since 1999. It is a popular TV Station in Kenya along with Kenya Television Network, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation among other Kenyan broadcasting channels. [1] Contents 1 Youtube

  4. TV47 Kenya - Wikipedia

    TV47 is a television channel based in Kenya. It is owned by Cape Media Limited, an affiliate of Mount Kenya University. [1] It was launched in 2019 [2] [3] and its main broadcast languages are English and Kiswahili. TV47 is a late entrant in the mass media in Kenya. There are more than 50 television stations in Kenya. [4]

  5. Culture of Kenya - Wikipedia

    The Kanga (Khanga, Lesso) is another cloth that is in common use in practically every Kenyan home. The Kanga is a piece of clothing about 1.5 metres (4 ft 11 in) by 1 metre (3 ft 3 in), screen printed with beautiful sayings in Swahili (or English) and is largely worn by women around the waist and torso. Music Further information: Music of Kenya

  6. Okiek people - Wikipedia

    The Okiek ( Ogiek: [oɡiɛk] ), sometimes called the Ogiek or Akiek (although the term Akiek sometimes refers to a distinct subgroup ), are a Southern Nilotic ethnic group native to Tanzania and Southern Kenya (in the Mau Forest ), and Western Kenya (in the Mount Elgon Forest).

  7. Mwenda Njoka - Wikipedia

    He was one of the seventeen finalists of the 2004 CNN African Journalist of the Year Competition Launched under Sunday Nation/Daily Nation of Kenya in 2004. He is also winner of Kalasha Film & TV Award for his work on the documentary on the late JM Kariuki, a populist Kenyan legislator assassinated under mysterious circumstances in 1975.

  8. Tiriki - Wikipedia

    The average altitude is 1740m or 5709 ft above sea level. Weather Daily temperatures average a low of 12 °C (53.6 °F) and a high of 24 °C (75.2 °F) meaning the weather is very pleasant and mild. Rainfall ranges from a low of about 4 cm in February to a high of about 12 cm in October. October and April have over 20 days of rainfall.

  9. Kenyan hip hop - Wikipedia

    Kenyan hip hop is a genre of music, and a culture that covers various forms and sub genres of hip-hop and rap originating from Kenya. It is commonly a combination of Swahili and English (Kenya's official languages) as well as Sheng and a variety of tribal languages. Contents 1 Early years 2 Development of the style 3 Radio 4 Notable artists