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  2. East Africa Time - Wikipedia

    East Africa Time, or EAT, is a time zone used in eastern Africa.The time zone is three hours ahead of UTC (), which is the same as Moscow Time, Arabia Standard Time, Further-eastern European Time and Eastern European Summer Time.

  3. Absa Bank Kenya - Wikipedia

    Location. The headquarters and main branch of the bank are located at Absa Westend Building, off Waiyaki Way, in Nairobi, Kenya's capital and largest city.. Overview. As of December 2019, the bank is a large financial services institution in Kenya, with an asset base in excess of KSh:374.109 billion (US$3.561 billion), with shareholders' equity of KSh:44.079 billion (US$419.654 million).

  4. Languages of Kenya - Wikipedia

    Kenya is a multilingual country. The Bantu Swahili language and English, the latter being inherited from colonial rule (see British Kenya), are widely spoken as lingua franca. They serve as the two official working languages. Including second-language speakers, there are more speakers of Swahili than English in Kenya.

  5. Politics of Kenya - Wikipedia

    The Bicameral Parliament consists of a National Assembly and Senate. The National Assembly, or Bunge, has 349 members, 290 members elected for a five-year term in single-seat constituencies, 47 women elected from each county, 12 members nominated by political parties in proportion to their share of seats won in the single-member constituencies, and an ex officio member: the speaker.

  6. ABC Bank (Kenya) - Wikipedia

    History. ABC Bank was started in 1981, as a financial institution named Consolidated Finance Company Limited. By 1994,following the gazettement of a legislation allowing financial institutions to convert into banks, Consolidated Finance Company immediately transformed, giving rise to African Banking Corporation Limited (ABC Bank) in 1995.

  7. Government of Kenya - Wikipedia

    However, Kenya didn't become a republic until 1964. Initially, the head of government was the Prime Minister who was Jomo Kenyatta. He later on became the first President of Kenya. The current structure of government allows power to be held on two levels: The national level and the county level. This allows the Counties of Kenya a form of autonomy.

  8. List of tallest buildings in Kenya - Wikipedia

    Topped out in 2016, the concrete tower was the tallest building in Kenya and the third tallest in Africa until Britam Tower dethroned it in 2017. 4 GTC Hotel Tower: 143 m (469 ft) 35 2020 [[]] It is the second tallest building in the GTC complex. It will house a five star hotel operated by the Marriott organisation. 5 Times Tower: 140 m (460 ft) 38

  9. List of diplomatic missions of Kenya - Wikipedia

    This is a list of diplomatic missions of Kenya, excluding honorary consulates. Current missions Africa. Host country Host city Mission Concurrent accreditation ...