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  2. Constitution of Kenya - Wikipedia

    Drafting process for the 2010 Constitution. The Constitution of Kenya was the final document resulting from the revision of the Harmonized draft constitution of [Kenya] written by the Committee of Experts initially released to the public on 17 November 2009 so that the public could debate the document and then parliament could decide whether to subject it to a referendum in June 2010.

  3. Safaricom - Wikipedia

    Safaricom formed a partnership with Kenya Co-operative Creameries (KCC) to deploy a cashless payments service to enhance business efficiency and address the risks associated with cash handling. Through a mobile application, over 200 sales and distribution agents for New KCC will be able to place and process orders, access live delivery reports ...

  4. Pharmacovigilance - Wikipedia

    Pharmacovigilance (PV, or PhV), also known as drug safety, is the pharmaceutical science relating to the "collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention" of adverse effects with pharmaceutical products.

  5. Daniel arap Moi - Wikipedia

    Daniel Toroitich arap Moi (/ ˈ m oʊ iː / MOH-ee; 2 September 1924 – 4 February 2020) was a Kenyan politician who served as the second president of Kenya from 1978 to 2002. He was the country's longest-serving president.

  6. Law report - Wikipedia

    The online law report in Bangladesh is Chancery Law Chronicles, which now publishes verdicts of Supreme Court of Bangladesh. After the Supreme Court of Bangladesh was established in 1972, its online law report is Supreme Court Online Bulletin and it initially published a law report, containing the judgments, orders and decisions of the Court ...

  7. Guinea-Bissau - Wikipedia

    Guinea-Bissau (/ ˌ ɡ ɪ n i b ɪ ˈ s aʊ / GHIN-ee biss-OW; Portuguese: Guiné-Bissau; Fula: 𞤘𞤭𞤲𞤫 𞤄𞤭𞤧𞤢𞥄𞤱𞤮, romanized: Gine-Bisaawo; Mandinka: ߖߌߣߍ ߺ ߓߌߛߊߥߏ߫ Gine-Bisawo), officially the Republic of Guinea-Bissau (Portuguese: República da Guiné-Bissau [ʁɛˈpuβlikɐ ðɐ ɣiˈnɛ βiˈsaw]), is a country in West Africa that covers 36,125 ...

  8. Clinical officer - Wikipedia

    Clinical officers play a central role in Kenya's medical sector today. There were 8,600 clinical officers on the register in 2010 compared to 7,100 medical officers. They are trained by the universities, the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC), St. Mary's School of

  9. World Bank - Wikipedia

    online; Heyneman, Stephen P. "The history and problems in the making of education policy at the World Bank, 1960–2000." International Journal of Educational Development 23 (2003) 315–337 online; Hurni, Bettina S. The Lending Policy Of The World Bank In The 1970s (1980) Mason, Edward S., and Robert E. Asher.