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  2. Guardian Media Group - Wikipedia

    Guardian Media Group plc (GMG) is a British-based mass media company owning various media operations including The Guardian and The Observer.The group is wholly owned by the Scott Trust Limited, which exists to secure the financial and editorial independence of The Guardian in perpetuity.

  3. Web portal - Wikipedia

    A web portal is a specially designed website that brings information from diverse sources, like emails, online forums and search engines, together in a uniform way. Usually, each information source gets its dedicated area on the page for displaying information (a portlet ); often, the user can configure which ones to display.

  4. Digital First Media - Wikipedia

    MNG Enterprises, Inc., doing business as Digital First Media and MediaNews Group, is a Denver, Colorado-based newspaper publisher owned by Alden Global Capital.The company has been growing its portfolio and as of May 2021, owns over 100 newspapers and 200 assorted other publications.

  5. Double standard - Wikipedia

    A double standard is the application of different sets of principles for situations that are, in principle, the same. It is often used to describe treatment whereby one group is given more latitude than another.

  6. The Times Group - Wikipedia

    Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited, (abbreviated as B.C.C.L. and d/b/a The Times Group), is an Indian media conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company remains a family-owned business with Sahu Jain family owning a majority stake in The Times Group.

  7. Newsquest - Wikipedia

    Newsquest Media Group Ltd. is the second largest publisher of regional and local newspapers in the United Kingdom. It has 205 brands across the UK, publishing online and in print (165 newspaper brands and 40 magazine brands) and reaches 28 million visitors a month online and 6.5 million readers a week in print.

  8. Standard Chinese - Wikipedia

    Standard Chinese (simplified Chinese: 普通话; traditional Chinese: 普通話; pinyin: pǔtōnghuà), in linguistics known as Standard Northern Mandarin, Standard Beijing Mandarin or simply Mandarin, is a dialect of Mandarin that emerged as the lingua franca among the speakers of various Mandarin and other varieties of Chinese (Hokkien, Cantonese and beyond).

  9. Concentration of media ownership - Wikipedia

    Media mergers occur when one media company buys another. The current landscape of corporate media ownership in the United States of America can be described as an oligopoly. Risks for media integrity. Media integrity is at risk when small number of companies and individuals control the media market.