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  2. Kenya national cricket team - Wikipedia

    The Kenya national cricket team represents the Republic of Kenya in international cricket. Kenya is an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) which has Twenty20 International (T20I) status after the ICC granted T20I status to all of their members. They have been an associate member of the ICC since 1981.

  3. Newspaper of record - Wikipedia

    A newspaper of record is a major newspaper with large circulation whose editorial and news-gathering functions are considered authoritative.It may also refer to a newspaper that has been authorised to publish public or legal notices, thus serving as a newspaper of public record.

  4. Water supply and sanitation in Kenya - Wikipedia

    The Kenya Water and Sanitation Civil Society Network (Kewasnet) called the statement the "height of hypocrisy and double standards", claiming that the Minister had only talked publicly about corruption in the sector after the Daily Nation newspaper had uncovered the corruption.

  5. Rail transport in Nigeria - Wikipedia

    Standard gauge lines. A standard gauge network is developing. The oldest standard-gauge line is the original 217-kilometer line from Oturkpo to the Ajaokuta steel mill. An earlier standard gauge line of 51.5 kilometers operated between the Itakp mines and the Ajaokuta steel mill.

  6. Women in journalism - Wikipedia

    Kenya. Kagure Gacheche, The editor of Hustle, a pullout in the Wednesday edition of The Standard, a national newspaper in Kenya. Christine Koech, The editor of Eve, a pullout in the Saturday edition of The Standard, a national newspaper in Kenya.

  7. Olympic Games - Wikipedia

    Various uses of the term "Olympic" to describe athletic events in the modern era have been documented since the 17th century. The first such event was the Cotswold Games or "Cotswold Olimpick Games", an annual meeting near Chipping Campden, England, involving various sports.

  8. Iran and state-sponsored terrorism - Wikipedia

    Kenya Aggrey Adoli, police chief in Kenya 's coastal region, said on 22 June 2012 that two Iranians, Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammad and Sayed Mansour Mousavi, believed to be members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards ' Quds Force , [45] were arrested and suspected of being involved in terrorism.

  9. Rationing - Wikipedia

    Rationing is the controlled distribution of scarce resources, goods, services, or an artificial restriction of demand. Rationing controls the size of the ration, which is one's allowed portion of the resources being distributed on a particular day or at a particular time.