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  2. The Star (Kenya) - Wikipedia

    The Star is a daily newspaper based in Nairobi, Kenya.It was launched in July 2007 as the Nairobi Star and later rebranded as The Star in 2009.. The Star's circulation was around 15,000–20,000 in 2010 (against total Kenyan newspaper circulation in 2010 of around 320,000), compared to 5,000–8,000 in 2007.

  3. Mass media in Kenya - Wikipedia

    Mass media in Kenya includes more than 91 FM stations, more than 64 free to view TV stations, and an unconfirmed number of print newspapers and magazines. Publications mainly use English as their primary language of communication, with some media houses employing Swahili.

  4. Music of Kenya - Wikipedia

    Kenya's diverse ethnic groups each have their own folk music traditions, though most have declined in popularity in recent years as gospel music became more popular. The Turkana people of the north, the Bajuni , Akamba , Borana , Chuka , Gusii , Kikuyu , Luhya and Lu , the Maasai and the related Samburu and the Mijikenda ("nine tribes") of the ...

  5. Martha Koome - Wikipedia

    The Star. Retrieved 27 April 2021. ^ a b Mboga, Jael (3 May 2021). "LSK questions JSC's decision to settle on Justice Martha Koome for Chief Justice job". The Standard (Kenya). ^ Cheruiyot, Kevin (30 April 2021). "CJ nominee Martha Koome threatens to sue Havi for defamation". The Star (Kenya). ^ Mboga, Jael (30 April 2021).

  6. Runda - Wikipedia

    The Star. Kenya. Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2008 Vol.1. Government Printing Office. p. 300. ISBN 978-0-16-087515-1. Grant R. Jeffrey (24 March 2010). War on Terror: Unfolding Bible Prophecy. Doubleday Religious Publishing Group. p. 227. ISBN 978-0-307-50862-1

  7. Culture of Kenya - Wikipedia

    Kenya National Theatre contributes a lot when it comes to Literature by building most of the local media personalities. Spoken words and stage acting being the most prominent. People like "Kennet B" and his group at National Theatre have done marvelous work from High schools and in the local Radio and Television.

  8. 2011–2014 terrorist attacks in Kenya - Wikipedia–14_terrorist_attacks...

    Since late 2011, Kenya has seen an upsurge in violent terrorist attacks. Kenyan government officials asserted that many of the murders and blasts were carried out by Al-Shabaab in retaliation for Operation Linda Nchi, a coordinated military mission between the Somalian military and Kenyan military that began in October 2011, when troops from Kenya crossed the border into the conflict zones of ...

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