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  2. Equality of outcome - Wikipedia

    According to professor of politics Ed Rooksby, the concept of equality of outcome is an important one in disputes between differing political positions, since equality has overall been seen as positive and an important concept which is "deeply embedded in the fabric of modern politics".

  3. Capability approach - Wikipedia

    The capability approach (also referred to as the capabilities approach) is a normative approach to human welfare that concentrates on the actual capability of persons to achieve their well-being rather than on their mere right or freedom to do so.

  4. Creative destruction - Wikipedia

    Creative destruction (German: schöpferische Zerstörung), sometimes known as Schumpeter's gale, is a concept in economics which since the 1950s is the most readily identified with the Austrian-born economist Joseph Schumpeter who derived it from the work of Karl Marx and popularized it as a theory of economic innovation and the business cycle.

  5. Leaky gut syndrome - Wikipedia

    Stephen Barrett has described "leaky gut syndrome" as a fad diagnosis and says that its proponents use the alleged condition as an opportunity to sell a number of alternative-health remedies – including diets, herbal preparations, and dietary supplements.

  6. Role model - Wikipedia

    A role model is a person whose behaviour, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people. The term role model is credited to sociologist Robert K. Merton, who hypothesized that individuals compare themselves with reference groups of people who occupy the social role to which the individual aspires., an example of which is the way young fans may idolize and ...

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