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  2. Theory-theory - Wikipedia

    The theory-theory (or ' theory theory ') is a scientific theory relating to the human development of understanding about the outside world. This theory asserts that individuals hold a basic or 'naïve' theory of psychology ("folk psychology") to infer the mental states of others, such as their beliefs, desires or emotions.

  3. Theory - Wikipedia

    Ancient usage. The English word theory derives from a technical term in philosophy in Ancient Greek.As an everyday word, theoria, θεωρία, meant "looking at, viewing, beholding", but in more technical contexts it came to refer to contemplative or speculative understandings of natural things, such as those of natural philosophers, as opposed to more practical ways of knowing things, like ...

  4. Psychoanalytic theory - Wikipedia

    Psychoanalytic theory. Psychoanalytic theory is the theory of personality organization and the dynamics of personality development that guides psychoanalysis, a clinical method for treating psychopathology. First laid out by Sigmund Freud in the late 19th century, psychoanalytic theory has undergone many refinements since his work.

  5. Theory of mind - Wikipedia

    Definition. Theory of mind is a theory insofar as the behavior of the other person, such as their statements and expressions, is the only thing being directly observed. The mind and its contents cannot be observed directly, so the existence and nature of the mind must be inferred.

  6. Trait theory - Wikipedia

    Trait theory. In psychology, trait theory (also called dispositional theory) is an approach to the study of human personality. Trait theorists are primarily interested in the measurement of traits, which can be defined as habitual patterns of behaviour, thought, and emotion. According to this perspective, traits are aspects of personality that ...

  7. Flow (psychology) - Wikipedia

    In positive psychology, a flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

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    related to: theory psychology definition