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  2. Times New Roman - Wikipedia

    Tinos. Times New Roman is a serif typeface. It was commissioned by the British newspaper The Times in 1931 and conceived by Stanley Morison, the artistic adviser to the British branch of the printing equipment company Monotype, in collaboration with Victor Lardent, a lettering artist in The Times's advertising department.

  3. Times New Roman font - Wikipedia

    Retrieved from ""

  4. Times (New Roman) are changing: How fonts help accessibility

    Earlier this year, the U.S. State Department announced it would be switching its standard typeface from Times New Roman to Calibri — a switch that ruffled some feathers. Accessibility played a ...

  5. Long s - Wikipedia

    The long s ſ , also known as the medial s or initial s, is an archaic form of the lowercase letter s , found mostly in works of the late 8th to early 19th centuries. It replaced the single s, or one or both [a] of the letters s in a double- s sequence (e.g., "ſinfulneſs" for "sinfulness" and "poſſeſs" or "poſseſs" for "possess", but ...

  6. Customize your mailbox font size, sender display name, and ...

    1. Sign in to Desktop Gold. 2. Click Settings. 3. Click Mail. 4. Click the General tab. 5. Next to the View setting, choose whether you'd like to see a sender's email address or name when receiving an email.

  7. State Department to switch official font from Times New Roman ...

    The State Department will switch its official font from Times New Roman to Calibri next month in an effort to increase accessibility, a department spokesperson said. Secretary of State Antony ...

  8. Arial, Times New Roman ... and now the 'Hugo Chavez' font - AOL

    The new font can be downloaded for free from the "Creative Trench" group's web site ( They used letters written by Chavez while he was in jail for a failed 1992 coup ...

  9. International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration - Wikipedia

    For example, the Arial, Tahoma and Times New Roman font packages that come with Microsoft Office 2007 and later versions also support precomposed Unicode characters like ā, ḍ, ḥ, ī, ḷ, ḹ, ḻ, ṃ, ñ, ṅ, ṇ, ṛ, ṝ, ṣ, ś, ṭ and ū, glyphs for some of which are only to be found in the Latin Extended Additional Unicode block.

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    related to: times new roman font copy paste