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  2. Sri Lankan diaspora - Wikipedia

    According to The United Nations, there were 110,596 international migrants in Botswana and in that number 992 of them were from Sri Lanka. Libya. Libya's 2007 census says that there are over 15,010 workers from Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Sinhalese make up two-thirds of the buddhist population of Libya. Mauritius

  3. .com - Wikipedia

    The domain .com was one of the first set of top-level domains when the Domain Name System was first implemented for use on the Internet on January 1, 1985. The domain was administered by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), however, the department contracted the domain maintenance to SRI International.

  4. Accountant - Wikipedia

    Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, a chartered accountant must be a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (designatory letters ACA or FCA). It is the sole local accountancy body, therefore to audit public companies an individual must be a member of the ICASL.

  5. Social exclusion - Wikipedia

    The five highest social hostility scores were for Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Iraq, and Bangladesh. In 2015, Pew published that social hostilities declined in 2013, but Harassment of Jews increased. Consequences Health

  6. African-American middle class - Wikipedia

    African-Americans had little to no access to higher education, and only 3% graduated from college. Those blacks who were professionals were mainly confined to serving the African-American population. Outside of the black community, they often worked in unskilled industrial jobs. Black women who worked were frequently domestic servants. However ...

  7. James Wharton, Baron Wharton of Yarm - Wikipedia,_Baron...

    On 16 May 2013, Wharton came top of a ballot of backbench MPs which entitled him to introduce a Private Member's Bill during the 2013–14 parliamentary session. He chose to address the issue of a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union by attempting to enshrine the Conservative Party Position into law, by introducing the ...

  8. Withdrawal of United States troops from Iraq (2020–2021)

    In December 2019, Iraq and the United States began discussing the partial withdrawal of American combat troops from Iraq.In January 2020, during massive protests and following an escalation of tensions between the United States and Iran, the Iraqi Council of Representatives passed a non-binding measure to "expel all foreign troops from their country," including American and Iranian troops.

  9. Women in combat - Wikipedia

    Sri Lanka. Female personnel of all three services play an active part in ongoing operations. However, there are certain limitations in 'direct combat' duties such as special forces, pilot branch, naval fast attack squadrons. Sweden. Women have been able to serve in most military positions, including combat since 1983.