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  2. Tower defense - Wikipedia

    Tower defense is seen as a subgenre of real-time strategy video games, due to its real-time origins, though many modern tower defense games include aspects of turn-based strategy. Strategic choice and positioning of defensive elements is an essential strategy of the genre.

  3. Desktop Tower Defense - Wikipedia

    Desktop Tower Defense is a Flash-based tower defense browser game created by Paul Preece in March 2007. The game had been played over 15.7 million times as of July 2007, and was one of Webware 100's top ten entertainment web applications of 2007. Desktop Tower Defense is available in an English, Spanish, German, French, or Italian interface. In ...

  4. Bloons Tower Defense - Wikipedia

    Bloons Tower Defense (also known as Bloons TD) is a series of tower defense games under the Bloons series created and produced by Ninja Kiwi. The game was initially developed as a browser game, built upon the Adobe Flash platform and released in mid 2007.

  5. Tower - Wikipedia

    A tower is a tall structure, taller than it is wide, often by a significant factor.Towers are distinguished from masts by their lack of guy-wires and are therefore, along with tall buildings, self-supporting structures.

  6. John Tower - Wikipedia

    Tower also led the Tower Commission, which investigated the Iran-Contra Affair, and was an unsuccessful nominee for U.S. Secretary of Defense in 1989. Born in Houston, Texas , he served in the Pacific Theater of World War II .

  7. Flak tower - Wikipedia

    Flak towers (German: Flakt├╝rme) were large, above-ground, anti-aircraft gun blockhouse towers constructed by Nazi Germany.There were 8 flak tower complexes in the cities of Berlin (3), Hamburg (2), and Vienna (3) from 1940 onwards.

  8. Barbican - Wikipedia

    The barbican of the White Tower in Nuremberg (reconstruction) A barbican (from Old French : barbacane ) is a fortified outpost or fortified gateway , such as at an outer defense perimeter of a city or castle, or any tower situated over a gate or bridge which was used for defensive purposes.

  9. SteamWorld - Wikipedia

    SteamWorld is a series of video games depicting the adventures of a race of steam-driven robots in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world. The games are developed and published by Swedish video game developer Image & Form.