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  2. Submarine simulator - Wikipedia

    A submarine simulator is usually a computer game in which the player commands a submarine. The usual form of the game is to go on a series of missions, each of which features a number of encounters where the goal is to sink surface ships and to survive counterattacks by destroyers .

  3. Train simulator - Wikipedia

    A train simulator (also railroad simulator or railway simulator) is a computer based simulation of rail transport operations. They are generally large complicated software packages modeling a 3D virtual reality world implemented both as commercial trainers, and consumer computer game software with 'play modes' which lets the user interact by stepping inside the virtual world.

  4. TDS - Wikipedia

    Tower Defense Simulator, a Roblox game made by the group Paradoxum Games; Military. Tonga Defence Services; United States Army Trial Defense Service; Science. Ter die sumendum, a medical abbreviation for 3 times daily; Thermal desorption spectroscopy, to observe molecules desorbed from a surface; Tornado debris signature on weather radar

  5. City-building game - Wikipedia

    A city-building game, or town-building game, is a genre of simulation video game where players act as the overall planner and leader of a city or town, looking down on it from above, and being responsible for its growth and management strategy.

  6. Vehicle simulation game - Wikipedia

    The trucking simulator is a relatively new aspect of the vehicle simulation genre, focusing on cargo transportation and the expansion of the player's trucking business, combining elements of a business simulation game.

  7. Combat flight simulation game - Wikipedia

    Combat flight simulators are vehicle simulation games, amateur flight simulation computer programs used to simulate military aircraft and their operations. These are distinct from dedicated flight simulators used for professional pilot and military flight training which consist of realistic physical recreations of the actual aircraft cockpit, often with a full-motion platform.

  8. Dating sim - Wikipedia

    History. The first game that set the standard for the dating sim genre was Dōkyūsei (1992), which relied more on timed events than dialogue choices. However, Tokimeki Memorial (1994) truly popularized dating sims in Japan, in which the player, a high school student has the ability to date a dozen different girls.

  9. Semi-Automatic Ground Environment - Wikipedia

    The Burroughs 416L SAGE component (ESD Project 416L, Semi Automatic Ground Environment System) was the Cold War network connecting IBM supplied computer system at the various DC and that created the display and control environment for operation of the separate radars and to provide outbound command guidance for ground-controlled interception by ...