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  2. Never Trump movement - Wikipedia

    Trump entered the Republican primaries on June 16, 2015, at a time when governors Jeb Bush and Scott Walker and Senator Marco Rubio were viewed as early frontrunners. Trump was considered a longshot to win the nomination, but his large media profile gave him a chance to spread his message and appear in the Republican debates.

  3. Trump to launch of media company, social media site [Video]

    Trump has spoken about launching his own social media site ever since he was barred from Twitter and Facebook. An earlier effort to launch a blog on his existing website was abandoned after the ...

  4. Trump: 'I got the Pfizer' [Video]

    Trump said he might get one, "If I felt that it was necessary and let's see where this whole thing is going." Even though Trump's Operation Warp Speed is credited with advancing the vaccine's ...

  5. From zero to $12 billion: Investors chase Trump stock hype ...

    "Trump has a strong history of making people a lot of money and winning. If this was an election I would have lost, but it's not, it's business," Springer said. ... 33 million on Facebook and 24.5 ...

  6. Impeachment March - Wikipedia

    The Impeachment March, sometimes referred to as the "Impeach Trump" protest, was a series of rallies against the president of the United States, Donald Trump, held nationwide on July 2–4, 2017, advocating that Congress begin the impeachment process against him.

  7. Patriot Prayer - Wikipedia

    In September 2020, Facebook took down the pages for Patriot Prayer and Gibson as part of their efforts to remove "violent social militias" from its social networks. Activities and events. Since 2016, Patriot Prayer has hosted dozens of pro-gun and pro-Trump rallies in the Pacific Northwest.

  8. 2017 Chicago torture incident - Wikipedia

    The attackers are heard shouting "Fuck Trump" and "Fuck white people" in the video. They forced the victim to say "Fuck Trump" as well. One of the perpetrators contacted the victim's mother and demanded a $300 ransom for the victim's return. Although the Facebook Live stream only lasted 28 minutes, the victim was tied up for hours.

  9. Ben Sasse - Wikipedia

    He said that Trump "delighted" in the attack on the Capitol and was a broken man. Sasse said that he would consider articles of impeachment if presented with them in the Senate, citing that Trump had "disregarded his oath of office." Sasse joined six other Republican Senators in voting to convict Trump on February 13, 2021. Committees