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  2. Spendthrift trust - Wikipedia

    A trust generally will not be treated as a spendthrift trust unless the trust agreement contains language showing that the creator intended the trust to qualify as spendthrift. This is what is known as a spendthrift clause or spendthrift provision.

  3. Spendthrift - Wikipedia

    "Spendthrift" derives from an obsolete sense of the word "thrift" to mean prosperity rather than frugality, so a "spendthrift" is one who has spent their prosperity. Historical figures who have been characterised as spendthrifts include George IV of the United Kingdom, King Ludwig II of Bavaria, and Marie Antoinette the Queen of France.

  4. Resolution Trust Corporation - Wikipedia

    The Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) was a U.S. government-owned asset management company run by Lewis William Seidman and charged with liquidating assets, primarily real estate-related assets such as mortgage loans, that had been assets of savings and loan associations (S&Ls) declared insolvent by the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) as a consequence of the savings and loan crisis of the ...

  5. List of wealthiest charitable foundations - Wikipedia

    This is a list of wealthiest charitable foundations worldwide. It consists of the 43 largest charitable foundations, private foundations engaged in philanthropy, and other charitable organizations that have disclosed their assets.

  6. First Republic Bank - Wikipedia

    First Republic was founded in 1985, starting as a small thrift company. Since its founding, it has undergone a series of ownership changes since 2007, beginning with its announced purchase by Merrill Lynch on January 29, 2007 for $1.8 billion to augment their private client business.

  7. Chase Bank - Wikipedia

    : 115 That night, the Office of Thrift Supervision, in what was by far the largest bank failure in American history, seized Washington Mutual Bank and placed it into receivership. The FDIC sold the bank's assets, secured debt obligations and deposits to JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA for $1.888 billion, which re-opened the bank the following day.

  8. Chemical Bank - Wikipedia

    Chemical Bank was a bank with headquarters in New York City from 1824 until 1996. At the end of 1995, Chemical was the third-largest bank in the U.S., with about $182.9 billion in assets and more than 39,000 employees around the world.

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    related to: trust and thrift