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  2. Stress (mechanics) - Wikipedia

    This type of stress may be called (simple) normal stress or uniaxial stress; specifically, (uniaxial, simple, etc.) tensile stress. [13] If the load is compression on the bar, rather than stretching it, the analysis is the same except that the force F and the stress change sign, and the stress is called compressive stress.

  3. Stress (biology) - Wikipedia

    One system suggests there are five types of stress labeled "acute time-limited stressors", "brief naturalistic stressors", "stressful event sequences", "chronic stressors", and "distant stressors".

  4. Stress-related disorders - Wikipedia

    1.1 The five R's of stress and anxiety reduction 2 Defenses 2.1 Summary 3 Stress as in clinical medicine 3.1 Acute stress disorder 3.1.1 Symptoms 3.1.2 Autonomic signs of "panic anxiety" 3.2 Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 3.2.1 Causes 3.2.2 Typical symptoms 3.2.3 Treatment 3.2.4 Prognosis 4 In surgery 4.1 Stress ulceration 5 See also

  5. Stress (linguistics) - Wikipedia

    It includes phrasal stress (the default emphasis of certain words within phrases or clauses ), and contrastive stress (used to highlight an item, a word or part of a word, that is given particular focus). Contents 1 Phonetic realization 2 Word stress 2.1 Non-phonemic stress 2.2 Phonemic stress 2.3 Compounds 2.4 Levels of stress 3 Prosodic stress

  6. Stress management - Wikipedia

    4 Types of stress 4.1 Acute stress 4.2 Chronic stress 5 Workplace 5.1 Medical environment 5.2 Stress management programs 5.3 Aviation industry 5.3.1 Measurement systems 5.3.2 Pilot stress report systems 6 College 7 See also 8 References Historical foundations [ edit]

  7. Stress in early childhood - Wikipedia

    Researchers have proposed three distinct types of responses to stress in young children: positive, tolerable, and toxic. [8] These labels are based on theorized differences in lasting physiological changes occurring as a result of the intensity and duration of the stress response. [9]

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    related to: types of stress