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  2. The Citizen - Wikipedia

    The Citizen (Russia), Russian name Grazhdanin, a Russian conservative political and literary magazine/newspaper published in St. Petersburg, Russia The Citizen (South Africa), a national English language tabloid The Citizen (South Sudan), the largest newspaper in the country The Citizen (Tanzania), Tanzania's leading English language newspaper

  3. Tanzania - Wikipedia

    Internet TLD. .tz. Tanzania ( / ˌtænzəˈniːə /; [9] [10] [b] Swahili: [tanzaˈni.a] ), officially the United Republic of Tanzania ( Swahili: Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania ), is a country in East Africa within the African Great Lakes region. It borders Uganda to the north; Kenya to the northeast; Comoro Islands and the Indian Ocean to the ...

  4. tz database - Wikipedia

    The tz database is also known as tzdata, the zoneinfo database or IANA time zone database, and occasionally as the Olson database, referring to the founding contributor, Arthur David Olson. [5] Its uniform naming convention for time zones, such as America/New_York and Europe/Paris, was designed by Paul Eggert. [6]

  5. Attorney General of Tanzania - Wikipedia

    First holder. Roland Brown. Deputy. Deputy Attorney General. Website. www .agctz .go .tz. The Attorney General of Tanzania is the legal adviser to the Government of Tanzania and serves concurrently as an ex officio member of the Cabinet and Parliament.

  6. Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation - Wikipedia

    The Tanzanian Broadcasting Corporation is a television network. It is Tanzania 's national network and is government-owned and operated. Contents 1 History 2 Programming 3 Stations 4 See also 5 References 6 See also History Radio broadcasts began on 1 July 1951. Until 1994, there was no single television network operating on mainland Tanzania.

  7. Tzʼutujil people - Wikipediaʼutujil_people

    The Tzʼutujil ( Tzutujil, Tzutuhil, Sutujil) are a Native American people, one of the 22 Maya ethnic groups that dwell in Guatemala. Together with the Xinca, Garífunas ( Black Caribs) and the Ladinos, they make up the 25 ethnic groups in this relatively small country. Approximately 100,000 Tzʼutujil live in the area around Lake Atitlán.

  8. Tanzania Public Service College - Wikipedia

    The Tanzania Public Service College ( TPSC ), an institution of higher learning in Tanzania, mandated to offer courses that prepare school leavers for effective delivery of public service to the citizens of the country. The institution also offers refresher courses to active public servants, to improve and update their knowledge-base and skills.

  9. Minister of Home Affairs (Tanzania) - Wikipedia

    Seat. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Appointer. President. Term length. At the President's discretion. Website. www .moha .go .tz. The Minister of Home Affairs is the head of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of Tanzania .

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