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  2. Place names considered unusual - Wikipedia

    Unusual place names are names for cities, towns, and other regions which are considered non-ordinary in some manner. This can include place names which are also offensive words, inadvertently humorous or highly charged words, as well as place names of unorthodox spelling and pronunciation, including especially short or long names.

  3. Demographics of Guatemala - Wikipedia

    Age group Total % Total 16 176 133 100 0-4 2 262 514 13.99 5-9 2 142 308 13.24 ... Tz’utujil Mayan 8 Achí Mayan 9 Q’anjob’al Mayan 10 Ixil Mayan 11 Akatek

  4. Modern Hebrew - Wikipedia

    Modern Hebrew (Hebrew: עברית חדשה, ʿivrít ḥadašá[h], [ivˈʁit χadaˈʃa], lit. "Modern Hebrew" or "New Hebrew"), also known as Israeli Hebrew or Israeli, and generally referred to by speakers simply as Hebrew (עברית Ivrit), is the standard form of the Hebrew language spoken today.

  5. Bulgarian Turks - Wikipedia

    The fall of communism in Bulgaria led to a reversal of the state's policy towards its citizens of Turkish descent. After the fall of Zhivkov in 1989, the National Assembly of Bulgaria of whom 564,858 pointed Turkish as their mother tongue. The number of Bulgarian citizens from Turkish descent residing in Turkey is put at 326,000, during the ...

  6. Finnish language - Wikipedia

    Finnish is a member of the Finnic group of the Uralic family of languages. The Finnic group also includes Estonian and a few minority languages spoken around the Baltic Sea and in Russia's Republic of Karelia. Finnish demonstrates an affiliation with other Uralic languages (such as Hungarian) in several respects including: Shared morphology:

  7. List of multilingual countries and regions - Wikipedia

    As English links the different races and ethnic groups, a group with diverse races and ethnicities communicate using English. Most of the population can speak, read and write in English. In addition to English, many Singaporeans can speak their respective ethnic language like Mandarin Chinese fairly well, as it is a compulsory subject in school.

  8. Driver's license - Wikipedia's_license

    In 1949, the United Nations hosted the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic that standardised rules on roads, occupants, rules, signs, driver's permits and such. It specified that national "driving permits" should be pink and that an "International Driving Permit" for driving in a number of countries should have grey covers with white pages and that "The entire last page shall be drawn up in French".

  9. Oktoberfest - Wikipedia

    The citizens of Munich were invited to attend the festivities held on the fields in front of the city gates to celebrate the royal event. The fields were named Theresienwiese ("Theresa's Meadow") in honour of the Crown Princess, and have kept that name ever since, although the locals have abbreviated the name simply to Wiesn . [3]

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