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  2. Universal Credit - Wikipedia

    Universal Credit is a United Kingdom social security payment. It is means-tested and is replacing and combining six benefits for working-age households with a low income: income-related Employment and Support Allowance, income-based Jobseeker's Allowance, and Income Support; Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit; and Housing Benefit.

  3. Universal - Wikipedia

    Universal is the adjective for universe. Universal may also refer to: Companies. NBCUniversal, a media and entertainment company Universal Animation Studios ...

  4. Universal language - Wikipedia

    For the like-minded of Voltaire's generation, universal language was tarred as fool's gold with the same brush as philology with little intellectual rigour, and universal mythography, as futile and arid directions. In the 18th century, some rationalist natural philosophers sought to recover a supposed Edenic language. It was assumed that ...

  5. Universal law - Wikipedia

    In law and ethics, universal law or universal principle refers as concepts of legal legitimacy actions, whereby those principles and rules for governing human beings' conduct which are most universal in their acceptability, their applicability, translation, and philosophical basis, are therefore considered to be most legitimate.

  6. Universal Pictures - Wikipedia

    Universal Pictures (legally Universal City Studios LLC, also known as Universal Studios, or simply Universal; common metonym: Uni, and formerly named Universal Film Manufacturing Company and Universal-International Pictures Inc.) is an American film production and distribution company owned by Comcast through the NBCUniversal Film and Entertainment division of NBCUniversal.

  7. Universal Time - Wikipedia

    Universal Time (UT or UT1) is a time standard based on Earth's rotation. While originally it was mean solar time at 0° longitude, precise measurements of the Sun are difficult. Therefore, UT1 is computed from a measure of the Earth's angle with respect to the International Celestial Reference Frame (ICRF), called the Earth Rotation Angle (ERA ...

  8. Universal life insurance - Wikipedia

    Universal life insurance (often shortened to UL) is a type of cash value life insurance, sold primarily in the United States.Under the terms of the policy, the excess of premium payments above the current cost of insurance is credited to the cash value of the policy, which is credited each month with interest.

  9. Fictitious telephone number - Wikipedia

    Universal Pictures acquired the phone number (212) 664-7665 for use in films to avoid the 555 prefix. It has been used in the films Munich, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Adjustment Bureau, and Definitely, Maybe.