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  2. Phoenix (mythology) - Wikipedia

    More recently, "Phineas the Phoenix" has become the official mascot of Swarthmore College, with a dancing student inside a costume of plush plumage. The flag of San Francisco features a phoenix in its center, often thought to be symbolic of the city's rebuilding following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. However, the phoenix had been a civic ...

  3. Brown University - Wikipedia

    The university is home to the oldest applied mathematics program in the United States, the oldest engineering program in the Ivy League, and the third-oldest medical program in New England. The university was one of the early doctoral-granting U.S. institutions in the late 19th century, adding masters and doctoral studies in 1887.

  4. KAET - Wikipedia

    KAET (channel 8) is a PBS member television station in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, owned by Arizona State University and operated by ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

  5. Lincoln, Nebraska - Wikipedia,_Nebraska

    Lincoln has nine colleges and universities. The University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the main campus of the University of Nebraska system, is the largest university in Nebraska, with 20,830 undergraduate, 4,426 postgraduate students and 564 professionals enrolled in 2018. Out of the 25,820 enrolled, 2,187 undergraduate and 1,040 postgraduate ...

  6. Student loans in the United States - Wikipedia

    Student loan defaults are disproportionately common in the for-profit college sector. The schools whose students have the highest amount of debt are University of Phoenix, Walden University, Nova Southeastern University, Capella University, and Strayer University. Except for Nova Southeastern, they are all for-profit.

  7. Trinity College Dublin - Wikipedia

    The first University of Dublin (known as the Medieval University of Dublin and unrelated to Trinity College) was created by Pope Clement V in 1311, and had a Chancellor, lecturers and students (granted protection by the Crown) over many years, before coming to an end at the Reformation.

  8. Robert F. Smith (investor) - Wikipedia

    In February 2022, Smith’s non-profit organization, the Student Freedom Initiative, partnered with Prudential Financial to provide up to $1.8 million in microgrants to students of HBCUs. [72] [73] In April 2022, Smith launched the Mount Sinai Robert F. Smith Mobile Prostate Cancer Screening Bus in Harlem, NY , in partnership with Mount Sinai ...

  9. Mars Exploration Rover - Wikipedia

    NASA's Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission was a robotic space mission involving two Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, exploring the planet Mars.It began in 2003 with the launch of the two rovers to explore the Martian surface and geology; both landed on Mars at separate locations in January 2004.