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  2. Incarceration in the United States - Wikipedia

    Such companies often sign contracts with states obliging them to fill prison beds or reimburse them for those that go unused. [221] Private companies which provide services to prisons combine in the American Correctional Association , a 501(c)3 which advocates legislation favorable to the industry.

  3. Honeywell - Wikipedia

    Honeywell International Inc. is an American publicly traded, multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.It primarily operates in four areas of business: aerospace, building technologies, performance materials and technologies (PMT), and safety and productivity solutions (SPS).

  4. Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau - Wikipedia

    Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (Ukrainian: Харківське Конструкторське Бюро з Машинобудування ім. О.О. Морозова, or ХКБМ, KhKBM), often simply called Morozov Design Bureau or abbreviated KMDB, is a state-owned company in Kharkiv, Ukraine, which designs armoured vehicles, including the T-80UD and T-84 main battle tanks ...

  5. China National Petroleum Corporation - Wikipedia

    178.64 million MT crude oil (2020) 160.35 billion CM natural gas (2020): Revenue ¥2.087 trillion (2020)

  6. Michael Olowokandi - Wikipedia

    Michael Olowokandi (born 3 April 1975) is a Nigerian former professional basketball player. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised in London, he played collegiately for the Pacific Tigers in Stockton, California.

  7. Plymouth Blitz - Wikipedia

    Damages to local structures. In March 1941, St Andrew's Parish Church was bombed and badly damaged. Amidst the smoking ruins a headmistress nailed over the door a wooden sign saying simply Resurgam (Latin for I shall rise again), indicating the wartime spirit, a gesture repeated at other devastated European churches.

  8. Fight song - Wikipedia

    A fight song is a rousing short song associated with a sports team. The term is most common in the United States and Canada. In Australia, Mexico, and New Zealand these songs are called the team anthem, team song, or games song.

  9. Talk:Periodic table - Wikipedia

    User:DePiep 14:27, 15 October 2022 (late sign) And that is not good, because looking at the table, without reading all the body, I would think Lu and Lr as group 3 elements. – well yes, but looking at your revised table, without reading all the body, and if I magically forgot everything I knew about this, I would think that all lanthanides ...